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4 Ideas to Simplify High-Quality Content Creation

As a content marketer, you are probably familiar with the difficulties of producing a consistently new and quality stream of content for your various marketing campaigns. And developing a high-quality content with sufficient relevance for your target audience is a bit of time-consuming procedure. But there are few approaches, which prove that the speed and […]

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Google is going to create a separate mobile index within few months

Currently, Google use a single index of web documents for search. Google’s Search Analyst Gary Illyes announced that they are planning on releasing a separate mobile search index, which will become the primary one and desktop index will be secondary then. Now, Google is about to create a separate mobile index within this month, separate […]

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Role of Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital = Dig-it-all. In the first place, it’s important to recognize that marketing is fundamental to any business, big or small. Without promoting, your business won’t be visible, you won’t get enough clients, sufficiently early in your startup stage to create benefits that will keep you going. Digital marketing is an incredible approach to pick […]

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How to Enable Amazon Site Stripe for Affiliates

What is Amazon Affilaite SiteStripe? This is a navigation bar for Amazon affiliates to easily create links from pages on Amazon, check stats, go to the affiliate discussion boards, and more. What is New Feature of  SiteStripe? The new SiteStripe feature allows you to create links directly from the Amazon.com site without having to visit […]

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10 Signs that You are Addicted to Become an Entrepreneur

From smoking cigarettes, working continuously to playing video games till late night, just about any matter or activity can turn into an addictive behavior. But what about starting own business? Can entrepreneurship become an addiction, too? YES!!! Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not an easy feat. It needs lots of hard work and sacrifice to […]

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