THE INTERNET: A Brief History Of Internet

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Happy OneWebDay. We all celebrate 30 years of the internet by looking at how it has become an integral part of life.”

The Diffrence Engine  –  1822

the difference engine

Charles Babbage, a splendidly eccentric 19th-century mathematician and inventor, is generally credited with designing the first programmable computer.


Vannevar Bush Describes the Memex – 1945

photo of vannevar bush


In his essay, As we may think, the american engineer Veannevar Bush laid down some of the principles that underpin the modern day internet.


The First Email – 1965

The First Email

MIT researchers and scientists were the first to communicate via computer.


The World hypertext is coined – 1965

world of hypertex

MIT scientist Ted Nelson first used the word “hyper-text” He envisageda ‘docuverse’ in which all documents were linked to other documents and navigated via links.


The On-Line System – 1968

the online system

Douglas Engelbart’s demonstration of computer communication included the first mouse, the first multiple “windows” like today’s operating systems, and the first practical use of hypertext.


The Internet is born – 1983

Internet birth

Arpanet switches from the Network Control Protocol (NCP) to the Transmission Control Protocol and the internet Protocol, or TCP/IP, on January 1, 1983 – and the internet arrives.


World Wide Web – 1989

world wide web

This may come as a surprise to many people, but the web is, in fact, not the internet. While the internet is the hardware, the computer and the phone lines that link them, the web is the software.


Mosaic, the first popular browser – 1993

Mosaic and netscape

The first web browser was called the WorldWideWeb, later renamed Nexus. It was written by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But the application that really got the net going was Mosaic – it could display both text and Images, and it was developed by the engineers who would go on to create Netscape.


DOOM – 1993

doom game logo

It was not only one of the greatest and scientist game ever made, DOOM was arguably the internet’s first killer app. Id Software’s bloody and brilliant “first person shooter” was released as shareware over the internet.


Amazon and eBay – 1995 & 1996

amazon and ebay

Nowadays, we buy things over the internet all the time, spending anything from a few quid on the weekly groceries to thousand on a new car or computer. But while e-commerce wasn’t  unheard of before the launch of in 1995, it was distinctly niche.


Google Launched – 1998

google launched in 1998

There were search engines before Google: Gopher, Veronica, World Wide Web Wanderer, WebCrawler, Magellan, Excite, info seek, inktomi, Northern Light and Alta Vista.


Cloud Computing goes Mainstream – 2009



True cloud computing, which takes actual processing away from the grey box on your desk and does it in a ‘cloud’ of web connections, is still a baby.

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