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Submitting to Alexa

Submitting your website to Alexa is important as this is another site that helps demonstrate your web site’s importance to major search engines.

To add your web site, do the following:

  • Submitting to Alexa as shown in Figure 1.1  below it has a lot of weight to Google and other search engines. 
  • First go to  (Figure 1.2)

alexa home page

 Figure 1.1

  • Now Login or Create an account on Alexa as shown in Figure 1.2

login page alexa

 Figure 1.2

  • Add your web site URL as shown Below in Figure 1.3

add website url alexa

Figure 1.3

  • Once you submit the URL it will give the option to update the URL information as shown below.

alexa verification

Figure 1.4

  • After you have completed the entry it will give you two options to verify the information: It can either email you a confirmation or give you an info.txt file to place at the root of your web sites FTP folder.
  • Once you have entered an e-mail or updated the info.txt file, press one of the confirmation link button.
  • You have Finished all steps now take a look to of alexa dashboard.


NOTE: Search engine updates normally daily basis but Alexa ranking update is done quarterly.


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