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Let’s assume that you, as most people, had  a web developer design  that  is a completely  awesome site  but   he or she  who designed the  site did not  have clue about SEO some  of  my customers have spent thirty thousand rupees on a  website and it did n’t even have a single Meta tag on it!


We already talked about matching the Title, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords to the root pages of your web site and having all the same appear in all those areas, right? (If you didn’t catch that and you are about to submit your web site(s) please go back to the previous post!)

If you are done with that, then you are ready to go to the next step!


First Stop, Google.

Why Google? Well, about sixty percent of all web searches happen right on Google, which means that although there are other major search engines, you want to make Google happy first. (I will include a step later where you go to and submit your website to the 200+ little search engines for about $35.00. This will save you about 100 hours of your precious time, if not more.)

First off, you will want to go to Google and create a Google account for Google Webmasters.



Step 1 – Add Your Site to Google Webmaster Central

Google’s Webmaster Central  can be used to notify Google of the existence of a web site, verify with Google that you have control of the web site (Webmaster), identify the site map location for a web site, access keyword research tools, verify the Robot.txt file, and locate any errors within a web site.

To add you web site to the Google Webmaster Central, do the following:

  • After you have created the account you should be able t access Google Webmaster tools. Right in the middle of the page should be an icon that says, “Add site”.
  • You can then place a Meta tag which Google gives you on your web site or upload an HTML file. This is used to verify that you truly are the webmaster. Once Google confirms it has verified your web site URL, the next step is Google Analytics.

NOTE: Later we will add a Google Sitemap.xml to the web site to help Google index all of your pages.



Step –  Add your site Google Analytics

  • Go to  and then click on the Sign In on top of right side . You should already be logged in but if not, log in using the same account you used for the Google Webmaster Central.
  • After you have accessed Google Analytic, again right in the middle of the page should be an icon that says, “Signup”. it is easy and free.
  • after clicking on “SignUp” Then in new opened window add Analytic Account name, Website name and the Web site URL and click on “Get Tracking ID”.
  • After Clicking on Get Tracking ID a pop window will ask you to accept terms & condition of using analytic service click on I accept Button.
  • Now you will be redirected to Analytic Dashboard & will get analytic Tracking ID which you need to add in your web site
  • Google analytic Tracking ID is look like “UA-44693542-“


NOTE: If you want your business to be seen in the Local Places results on Google, see Google Local Places and Bing Local Listing in the next post.

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