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Black-Hat vs White-Hat vs Gray-Hat SEO

    Hats! I am so much fascinated by distinct colors and tones of hats, especially the round ones. What about you? Oops Wait for a jiffy. White hat or gray hat or black hat these are not the ordinary hats, we are talking about. They are actually the technical hats. In fact, these are […]

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10 Email Marketing Best Practices

Primary! Social! Promotional! Ya… it is the format of our Gmail accounts. It has been incorporated long since today and is the most lively adopted format which is heartily adopted worldwide. Why it has been divided so? It has been employed to enhance the functionality and the look of the Gmail accounts and you have […]

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page Hacked

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page Hacked by A Palestinian researcher posted a message on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s page after he says the site’s security team didn’t take his warnings about a security fault seriously. He wrote on Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall  “First, sorry for breaking your privacy and pos (ing) to your wall,  I (have) no […]

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Why SEO Result Take Long Times?

 There are several reasons why SEO and wait before watching SEO results achieving #1 on Google takes time and why you need to be patient: “Most link juice (PR Weight) is passed from your back links to your website within 6 months and not all at once”.The more competitive your keywords are, the more time […]

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Google Data Inactive Account Manager Tool

What should happen to your photos, emails and documents when you stop using your account? Google puts you in control. Google’s After Death Tool Google will allow users to make a decision what happens to their data after they die or be converted into inactive online, the first major company to deal with the sensitive […]

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Free Press Release Websites

 Press Release Sites All entrepreneurs have minimal resources for distributing announcement and news about their business, products, team etc. PR Agencies cost a lot and it is always good to have as many as possible free PR resources on your side. As an effort from Click Perfect side, we are sharing a comprehensive list of […]

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