Before You Begin Using PPC (Pay Per Click)

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 Before You Begin Using PPC

There are several things to consider before you being a PPC campaign. Because you are paying for placement or advertising space for you keywords, you are not necessarily going to get the best results with all the keywords or phrases that you choose.

In some cases you must continuously test and evaluate to see which keyword draw in the demographic that will buy your product or service. I recommend that you begin small, with a minimal number of keywords, to see how the search engine you’ve selected performs. You can also see the results and determine what it cost for first page placement of your sponsored ads.

You should also be able to gauge what it costs to run a campaign in terms of the amount of traffic it delivers and how well that traffic converts into paying customers as well. Even if you make two sales you can gauge and average how many clicks it took to make a sale and the cost.

Having a method in place that enables you to track your return on investment is imperative. If your goal is to bring new subscribers to your website, you’ll want to track the conversions, perhaps by directing the visitors funneled to your site by your PPC link to a landing page set up just for them.

You can then monitor how many clicks came to that page in Google Analytics. This is easy to track if you have a special phone number of sales page setup for users coming from your PPC campaign. All this together will allow you to quickly track your ROI and to determine how much you’re paying for each new conversion or sale. adword listing

Question to Ask Before You Begin a Campaign

Before investing a lot of time and money into a PPC services, you may want to review a few different PPC Management services to determine which the best one for you is. If you choose to do it yourself you can gauge your readiness by seeing if you can answer these basic question:

  1. How many searches are conducted each month through the search engine for which you’re considering a PPC program for the keywords you have chosen?
  1. What is the competition versus the number of searches for each keyword you have selected?
  1. Does the search engine have major partners or affiliates that could contribute to the volume of traffic you’re hoping to get?
  1. How does the search engine or PPC program prevent fraudulent activity?
  1. Is there recourse to get a refund or help with the investigation if click fraud occurs?
  1. Do you know what to look for to determine if click fraud is occurring?
  1. How difficult is it to file a report about fraudulent activity and how quickly is the issue addressed?
  1. Do you have control over where your listing appears on the search engine?
  1. Can you choose to have your listing withheld from affiliate searches or websites?
  1. Can you limit the amount you spend by day or by a particular search?
  1. Do you know what your PPC campaign budget will allow?
  1. Do you have time to learn PPC in depth?
  1. Do you have the time to monitor your PPC campaign daily?

Some search engines and website have strict guidelines about how sites appear in their searches, on their website, how partners and affiliates calculate visits,  and how fraud is handled.

You need to think of these before you start. If you cannot answer the questionnaire with reasonable certainty that you can handle the task, it is more cost effective to have a professional run your PPC campaign.

Note: If you are not up to the task, you could be stuck paying for clicks that didn’t actually happen or are of no use and cost more than you can afford.

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