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When you run the same search terms in Bing and then in Google, you will get different results. The number one site on Google is not the number one site on Bing and vice versa. That indicates that the two search engines run slightly different search algorithms.

Bing SEO – How Does it Differ To Google?

In this article, we are going to talk about search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that are specific to Bing. We are comparing Bing to Google, because Google is the engine to compare. Google is the number one leading search engine that is picking up the 65% of the world’s queries. We want to learn how is optimizing for Bing different from optimizing for Google.

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Although it is true that both engines will look at the same major SEO factors when determining rank in the search results page, each search engine may decide to weigh each of those factors differently. And for certain minor SEO factors, one engine may look at them while another may not.
The problem is that since both search engines will not reveal their algorithms, it is difficult to determine how the SEO factors are treated differently by the different search engines. Most hypothesis come about due to experimental evidence by running the same search terms in both engines and analyzing the top search results of each.
Here are what some people have surmise is going on.

1.  ran the term “SEO Services” on both engines and found that the top result in Bing is an older site; whereas the top result on Google is younger but has more link popularity and diversity of inbound links.
Now consider the type of pages that are linking to the top result. In Bing’s, the pages that are linking to its top result are pages where the keywords are in the title. Whereas in Google, the pages that are linking to its top result are pages where the keywords are more in the body of the page.

2. suggests five SEO factors that will be favorable in the eyes of Bing.

  • Domain age
  • Original content
  • Keyword rich titles
  • Outbound links
  • And it appears the Bing looks at backlink more than the page content.

It is interesting to note that in both SEOWizz and Pandia, they both found that Bing values older domains.
These experiments may be suggestive of differences between Bing and Google. But more experiments are needed to definitively say that these are real difference. Many people may question how significant of a difference these factors really are. Some believe not much. They suggest that it is fine to stick with the strategy of optimizing for Google and let the rest take care of itself.
Currently, Bing is not a game changer. Bing takes in only 13.6% of the share of searches — behind Google and Yahoo. Although its share continue to slowly rise.

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The SEO tips and techniques that we have learned already (such as obtaining a diversity of incoming links in quality and quantities) still applies to both engines. Putting keywords in your title and body still applies to both engines. And all the major SEO factors that we are familiar with still apply to both engines.

Closing Note: SEO for Bing is little bit different in compare to google you can learn more about bing ranking factors and check Bing SEO Guidelines.

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