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This blog post checklist helps you promote your blog like a professional blogger or content marketer. Here is an ultimate 10 Points Blog Post Checklist you should acknowledge before making your blog LIVE.

HEADLINE: Your Blog’s headline should be catchy and appealing to your customers. It is the single most important aspect of your content. Crafting an appropriate article is very crucial even more important than the body itself. Unless the title won’t grab the attention of the readers, they won’t read the inside content as well.

2. SEO/ Keyword integration: Your content may be good as is, but a little keyword research and integration can have a big impact on search engine rankings and traffic. Scan through your content and pick out the main topics covered in your post.

3. Ask other bloggers to mention your posts: Building relationships with other bloggers in your space and asking them to blog about or link to your post can be a great way to expand your reach. Reciprocating promotional efforts can have a big payoff in the form of high-quality backlinks and big jumps in search engine rankings, blog traffic, and subscribers.Don’t abuse this, but if you have an extra special post, reach out to your network and ask them to tweet it for you as a favor.

4.Email: You can add to your email signature. Gmail will pull your latest blog post headline into your email signature automatically. Also, share your blog post with target customers.If you have an email list of customers, share the content with them in an effort to help them do their own jobs more successfully.

5. Tailor your status updates: You could just type your blog post’s headline into all of your social site’s status boxes, but this might not get you the most links. Tailoring your status or headline for each community could make a big difference.

6. Comment on other blogs: Providing helpful, valuable comments on other blogs can be a great way to generate traffic and develop relationships, build a following and add backlinks.

7.Acknowledging the feedbacks and responding to the comments made on the post: One of the best things you could do is to come back to your post after some time later and respond to the comments that other people have left. This really helps in building credibility among the audience. Also, it encourages more discussion because people are most likely to comment knowing that they are actually being read.

8. Engaging one or more elements to engage readers: Every blog owner should be trying to build a community around his blog, and engaging readers with your content is one of the best strategies to achieve this.Practically speaking you could ask them a question at the end of the post, include a poll, make a call to action, and use their feedback directly in your post and so on.

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I am a Tele-caller through Profession but my passion for blogging can not stop blogging for me, so I am also blogging. I like good content, smart marketing and creative community and collection. I am graduating from Delhi University.

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