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Body Text

Like the header tags, the body text is also text that is visible to human readers of your site. When you look at the pages of this book, for example, the text that is between each of the headings would be the body text- the same way as it is for a web page.

The body text is another place where you want to include your keywords. A good rule of thumb is to use your keywords once in every paragraph as long as it makes sense to a reader.


Keywords in Text

Having your keyword strategically placed in your text on every page is one of the most important elements of any website. Of particular importance are the trophy keywords which we determined in previous post. (Search for result) The Trophy keywords need to be placed throughout the text on your primary landing page. It is of particular importance where those keywords appear and how often they appear on the page.

The keywords you choose must match the words and phrase that potential visitors will use when searching for the products or services your website provides.

You can also use additional tags to indicate special formatting in text.

Those tags are as follows:



<Strong>Strongly Emphasized</strong>


<li>New Line in List</li>


Each of these special tags indicates special formatting for the word or phrase in between the opening and closing tags, and the special emphasis makes a search engine crawler take notice of those words.

NOTE: you should try to use keyword within the special tags if possible. Only use keywords where appropriate, and avoid stuffing keywords into your site simply to improve your search engine rankings. If you use those tactics, they will most likely fail and may even get your site banned from some of the search engines.


Things to Avoid

To make your website‘s body text visible to spiders, bots, and crawlers, avoid the following:

1. Text embedded in JavaScript application of Macromedia Flash files cannot been read.

2. Text contained in images such as those with extensions .jpg, .gif, .png, cannot be seen.

3. Text that is accessible only on a submission form is not readable.

Most of these things make your site look flashy and cool. Site designers struggle with these issues and sometimes choose looks over site optimization on purpose to make the site owner happy. There are only about 8 different fonts that can be used on a website without pictures because of the standards. Also, certain text styles cannot b indexed by search engines.

If search engines spiders, bots, and crawlers can’t see your website text, then they can’t index that content for visitors to find.



You should have an area of your landing page dedicated to links. The links should be related to the content of the page and be active links to real website. Broken links will lower your search engine rankings on major search engines.

Links have always been important factors in how website ranks on the different major search engines. Most important are not only links from your site but to your site as well.


Alternative tags

Alternative tags for pictures and links are also important to have on your pages these are the tags that are a brief description of a picture or graphic on a website to explain to spiders, bots, and crawlers what is displayed.

These Alt tags are also a good place to include additional keywords to make your site more relevant. Human users will never see your Alt tags unless they intentionally turn off images to enable web page to load faster.


Other items you should make Space For


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