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Keyword Density

One of the biggest design rules to keep in the number of times you use your keywords (known as keyword density). Most search engines allow a relatively low keyword density. Google is by far one of the less lenient in this regard when ranking websites. Google likes to see a keyword density of 5 to 7 percent – much lower and you risk one of your competitors outdoing you in the optimization area or much higher than that and you risk your website bring penalized. Bing, Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines seem to be stricter and want keyword densities of about 5 percent.


NOTE: from the end of 2010 to around October of 2011 the HTML source code of the page into a blank document, then choose File, Properties, Statics, Word count. In Microsoft Office 2007/2010 it is found at File, Prepare, Properties, and Statics.


There is also a great tool to use to see the number of words and the keyword density on a page. This tool is the most accurate.

Let’s move on. If you are optimizing that page for a single keyword, you need to figure out how many times that particular word is repeated within 250 word total.

Manually scan the page and count every repetition of your keyword. If you have Microsoft Word 2007/2020, you should also have a replace function under the Home tab all the way to the right. Paste in the code and then type in the keywords in both the edit box and the replace box. The program will replace each occurrence of the word with itself… and produce a total count for the number of repeats.


Let us assume for this exercise that you have used a keyword 10 times on your page. To calculate the keyword density – take that figure and divide it by the total number of words on your page. So in this case 10 divided by 250 =.4

Keyword density is always referred to as a percentage of the total word count for the page. So now you need to multiply .04 by 100 to get the percentage figure.


Your calculation would look like this;      keyword density

                                      .04 x 100 = 4%

The page has a keyword density of 4%




For effective optimizing that will boost your pages into the Top 20 spots on the major search engines you are aiming for a keyword density of between 5 – 7%

What you have just been shown is about a simple as it gets for working out the keyword density of a web page. By To recap, the formula looks like this:

10 divided by 250 = .04 x 100 = 4% -or- keyword count divided by total word count x 100 = keyword density in percent. So you can add you keyword another few times without penalty on most search engines.


Algorithm fluctuates constantly at the major search engines so it is much simpler to optimize a few pages for different weighting or densities. A few pages at 5%, 6% and 7% keyword density will mean at least one of your pages should rank well on each major search engine.


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