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Common Adwords Issues

No one really likes to be told they are doing something wrong. Over and over again however, I see our clients making the same mistakes over and over when they set up their accounts for Adwords, Here is a list of the most common mistakes. 1.       Using geo-modified keywords in your geo-targeted campaigns. What does […]

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Google doodle: A colorful woolen mitten to mark the Winter Solstice Google

The Solstice officially heralds the beginning of winter and is regarded by some cultures as recognition of rebirth, involving festivals and rituals Google doodle: A colorful woolen mitten to mark the Winter Solstice Google Google has marked the Winter Solstice with a special doodle depicting a woolen mitten being knitted. The Solstice is the shortest day of […]

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Return on Investment (ROI) Formula

Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) of Advertisement Return on Investment (ROI) is a term that you will hear frequently throughout this chapter. It is associated with keyword advertising. PPC advertising is becoming increasingly expensive – you need a way to justify your keyword investments with solid returns and a way to measure the PPC campaign’s […]

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Google Doodles First Parachute Jump

It’s the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump in the world and Google is celebrating the vent with an invitational, interactive new doodle. Google Doodles are made to celebrate some important event or for the celebration of an accomplishment. The doodles which are often interactive add an element of fun and thrill to the […]

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7 Principles of Sales and Marketing

Whatever you sell and whatsoever the size of your business concern, these simple and comprehensive practices can help you to marketplace and sell your product and services more effectively   •    Never miss any chance to present yourself well. Everything from your dressing and business calling identity card to the envelope in which you send […]

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