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How SEO is Changing And How To Move With The Times

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO started out as a way to classify websites and content according to their niche. Today, SEO has evolved and has become an integral part of how you search on the web. SEO has its fair share of abusers. Black Hat SEO users exploit and work around current search, keyword and […]

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What is blog directory submission?

As the name suggests blog directory submission means submitting your blogs to different blog directories. This activity increases the visibility of your blogs in various search engines and keeps the natural traffic intact to weblogs. Now if you may ask, what is the use of blog directory submission? The answer is your blogs are limited […]

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What is Question and Answer submission in SEO?

The question and answer sites have gained popularity in the recent years and are a major hit these days. Also, it remains unexploited since it is comparatively a new and rising phenomenon. Question and answer submissions are a strategy that includes the task of answering questions posted by users on different Question and Answer submission […]

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What Is Article Submission in SEO

Article submission is said to be or rather let’s just say it is the most successful among all the SEO techniques. What does it mean? Article submission generally refers to writing or creating articles which are significant to your business and then submitting them to article submission directories. The main purpose of article submission is […]

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Is Guest Blogging Still a Thing?

For starters, what is guest blogging? Basically, it’s when you write an article for another to publish on their blog (pretty much what I’m doing right now). Why does this happen? Because it’s a win-win situation. The blog gets new content to publish, expanding itself. The writer gets exposure or (sometimes) downright money. Note: keep […]

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How Search Affects Startup Valuation

People believe what they see in a search engine result, whether it is true or not. This affects how people react, how they feel about a startup, and whether they invest. Behavioral Finance: Search to Manipulate Groups of People People tend to mimic the actions of the group whether the actions are rational or irrational. […]

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