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What Is Article Submission in SEO

Article submission is said to be or rather let’s just say it is the most successful among all the SEO techniques. What does it mean? Article submission generally refers to writing or creating articles which are significant to your business and then submitting them to article submission directories. The main purpose of article submission is […]

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Is Guest Blogging Still a Thing?

For starters, what is guest blogging? Basically, it’s when you write an article for another to publish on their blog (pretty much what I’m doing right now). Why does this happen? Because it’s a win-win situation. The blog gets new content to publish, expanding itself. The writer gets exposure or (sometimes) downright money. Note: keep […]

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How Search Affects Startup Valuation

People believe what they see in a search engine result, whether it is true or not. This affects how people react, how they feel about a startup, and whether they invest. Behavioral Finance: Search to Manipulate Groups of People People tend to mimic the actions of the group whether the actions are rational or irrational. […]

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Guide to Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization – In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search algorithms and ranking factors are constantly changing,  but few factors of SEO community remain same like relevancy, trustworthy and authority. While we don’t know the full algorithm Google uses to rank content or website but we fallow the basic rules to rank the website in SEO. […]

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