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Why Automation Isn’t a Threat to Your Job

Most Americans are not worried about a robot taking their place. A recent study shows that around 75 percent of the employees are not scared of automation in the workplace and most actually embrace it. That is because, unlike the popular perception, automation makes actually their jobs easier and eliminates the tedious and boring tasks […]

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How to Uninstall Safari Browser with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Uninstall Safari Browser on a Mac Easily Safari is the web browser that’s included with the Mac OS X. Many people use it all the time, but others prefer browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. So, if you one day decide to use a different browser and want to delete Safari from your MacBook […]

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5 Profitable website selling platform to sell your website for profit

Here comes a time when we all have an idea for a website, we set it up and then…we never have time to work on it. There also comes a time when you realize you don’t have the passion you once did, and instead of just letting it die, you want to find a new […]

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Coolpad Note 3 Lite is the inexpensive phone with fingerprint sensor

Handset manufacturer of China Coolpad propelled its next cell phone – Note 3 Lite – will cost Rs. 6,999, as it declared its Make-in-India scheme. The Note 3 Lite with a five-inch HD show, unique finger print sensor which locks applications, begin recording and take photographs or selfies.The Note 3 Lite is the least expensive […]

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