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100% Free Internet Marketing Tools Download [Freeware]

Everyone loves  free tools to make their work easy and to increase their productivity when it comes to internet marketing, seo, social media and website promotion here i have listed a free link to download a lot of useful Internet Marketing tools that are 100% free or and we call it  “freeware.”  No bullshit; this  post is really short but […]

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100 % Free Software to Scan and Edit Documents

Scan a document and make it editable using free software At many junctures, one may get indulged into the situations wherein we tend to convert an image file to an editable format like word document. This can be anything right from your college project to any melodious poetry or any inspiration phrase, which are required […]

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What is SOSTAC® Planning Model of Marketing – sostac®

SOSTAC® – pr smith’s marketing planning system situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, action, control   While many people seem to use the SOSTAC® acronym as a generic term, it derives from the SOSTAC® Planning System created by writer and speaker PR Smith in the 1990s, and is actually a protected registered trademark (registration number 2219677 […]

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5 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are Great for SEO

 Reason#1. The Code Behind Word Press is Simple Search engines can read and index a site’s content much more efficiently when a website’s code is straightforward. WordPress templates are typically uncluttered and well-structured, which ultimately helps search engine crawlers navigate the site much faster. Reason #2. Anyone Can Use The Interface WordPress is about as […]

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