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No one really likes to be told they are doing something wrong. Over and over again however, I see our clients making the same mistakes over and over when they set up their accounts for Adwords, Here is a list of the most common mistakes.

1.       Using geo-modified keywords in your geo-targeted campaigns.

What does this mean? If you have a pizza restaurant in Delhi key term. This can result in a lot less traffic, since there is a strong chance the ads will not display due to a “geo-targeting mismatch.” One solution for this: use geo-modified keywords only in campaigns not using geo-targeting.

2.       Duplicating keywords across the campaigns

What does this mean? When you run more than one campaign selling something don’t target the same keywords. If you have two ads competing for the same keyword you are bidding against yourself and bringing the cost up for that keyword for both ads.

When you have a good keyword, it may seem like a smart move to spread the goodness around to all of your ad groups and campaigns. However, duplicating keywords won’t help your performance.

3.       Jumping the gun

What does this mean? Give your bids a chance. Many times, we have seen advertisers make bid adjustments, or pause or delete keywords well before enough data has been collected to make an educated decision. For example, your cost per acquisition (CPA) target might be $30, and because you think your keyword isn’t giving you enough impressions or clicks, you pause it or increase your bidding amount. Our experience has shown that many advertisers do this too quickly. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t reached your $30 or the amount that you set for your target wait and judge.

4.       Putting your phone number in your ad

What does this mean? Why would not you want to give your prospects another way to contact you and save money on a click? At first it sounds like bad logic, however, however a phone number in your ad can decrease your click through rate and quality index score, which in turn drives up your cost-per-click and pushes the ad further down in Google results.

The basic rule is that Google display ads that get clicked on more often and charges them less.

This blog is not focused on PPC campaigns and we just barely touched on Google Adwords. There is so much to learn.

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