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For a website to rank well, the search engines must retrieve information from the website – not so much from the human side but from the coding side.

The retrieval of data is a combination of the activity from the crawler, spider, bots the database, and the search algorithm used by each search engine.

These three elements work together to retrieve web pages that are related to the word or phrase that a user enters into the search engine’s user interface.

The algorithm change frequently.  in SEO, ranking is what you’ll spend the most time and effort trying to change. Your ranking in a search engine determines how often people see your page.

How search engines rank a page or pages is difficult science to figure out and changes frequently. Search engines don’t want everyone to know the exact science. If it were known to everyone it would be tough to get on the first or second page of a search.

Ranking is such a large part in search engines optimization and appears frequently throughout blog. There are some things that can give your website an advantage right from beginning. Let us take a look at two: hosting location and frequency of keyword use.

Hosting Location hosting locations

There are a lot of locations that we talk about on this blog. In this article of the blog I will specially refer to the location where you host your website. I have a customer who is in good straights now but had tried to handle his own optimization. No matter what he did he couldn’t get his website off of page 68 on a Google search. At Click Perfect, we do a complete SEO Report to find issues with the website.

What SEO we found was that the website was being hosted on the same server as several  as several porn related website.  In SEO terms we call this being a “Bad Neighborhood.” That is where porn or blacklisted websites are using the same IP or IP range as your website.

In this case, the website owner had bought his hosting space on eBay for $30.00 per year. If you have a respectable business website, you have to be hosted on a responsible hosting provider. The major search engines do not like to rank website that contain pornography, racial comments or other such content.

Frequency of Keyword Use

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