Digital Marketing Training Classes

Theory: Learn basics of digital marketing, digital technology and customer behavior to make better co-ordination for digital marketing for business.

Practical: Do each everything thing practically in digital marketing to gain more and more ideas, strategy and digital marketing plan for better business branding.

Live Projects: We provide opportunity to work on live projects to monitor website performance and your skill level according to digital marketing industry standards

Case Study: Study about competitor’s websites, their strategies and find out new effective and unique techniques to bit competitor’s Google ranking for your business.

Analysis: Weekly test to analyze your skills and confidence about strategy discussion for business analysis and marketing management in competitive digital marketing world. 

Career Guidelines: Stay in touch with our digital marketing trainers to know more about digital industry updates and career opportunities whenever you need help.



For Who, What & Why??

  • Who Can Join Digital Marketing?
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales executives
  • IT Professionals
  • BPO People who want to change Jobs.
  • BD Managers
  • Executives in PR
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CXO’s, CEO’s
  • Students – anyone who want to learn and earn.


Highlights – What you will Learn!

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Types of Online Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Online PR
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing



Why there is too much Buzz of Digital Marketing?

Life is changing digital with new technological innovation like smart phones, tablets, laptops and other hand-held gadgets. People are showing their presence in digital virtual world using latest gadgets by staying at home or office. Digital technology provided platform that made world so small for instant reach to each other. Digital world is the best place to reach people mind for your business or product promotion. Digital marketing word come in existence for business marketing to on-line and targeted audience. People in digital world are highest and easy to target with latest business promotion marketing techniques and updates. Digital marketing with some smart techniques and tools will make your business a brand in digital world.”Digital Marketing is simple smart collection of ideas to target on-line audience through smart phones, tablets, laptops and other latest gadgets where ever they are location doesn’t matter.”
We as a leading digital marketing training institute in Delhi offers on-line and off-line digital marketing training in Delhi and all over India. Our digital marketing training course includes world class up-to-date study material and open-source digital marketing tools and books. Our popularity as a best Digital marketing institute in Delhi is possible only by dedication of our digital marketing experts and their great contribution to quality Internet education. Our practical and live project based digital marketing course provide you opportunity to experience industry standard environment and implementation of digital marketing techniques in your business and professional career.
We provides training for both distance learning professionals and regular classroom students. Our on-line digital marketing training in India and off-line digital marketing training in Delhi and Delhi/NCR program is 100% live project based with up-to-date study manual material.”
“learn digital marketing with leading digital marketing institute and give wings to your ideas for bright and long term career in Digital Marketing and IT industry.

Digital Marketing: SEO

1. Business Analysis

2. Search Engine Working

3. Market Research

4. Keyword Development

5. Content Writing

6. Landing Page Creation

7. On-Page Optimization

8. Off-Page Optimization

9. Google Webmaster Tool

10. SEO Tools

Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Websites

2. Brand Awareness

3. Video Marketing

4. Online Reputation Mgmt.

5. Paid Ads Campaigning

6. Blogging & Content Curation

7. Ads Banner Creation

8. Social Media Viral

9. Contest Running Ideas

10. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Ads

Google Adwords/PPC Advertisement

1. Basics of PPC

2. Keyword Development

3. Keyword Categorization

4. Landing Page Creation

5. Understanding PPC Tool

6. Campaign Management

7. Ads Creation

8. Bid Management

9. Remarketing

10. Report Generation



Email Marketing

1. Email Marketing Overview

2. Planning an Email Strategy

3. Email Marketing Strategies

4. Email Delivery

5. Email Content and Design

6. Data and Email Management

7. Complying With The Spam Act

8. Measuring Email Performance

9. Implementing Effective Mail Campaigns

10. Choosing the right Email Provider

Mobile Marketing

1. Mobile Ecosystem

2. Understanding Your Audience

3. Mobile Marketing Toolbox

4. The App Economy

5. Campaign Planning

6. Creating Mobile Friendly Website

7. Understanding Technical Requirements

8. Mobile Campaign Targeting

9. Accelerated Mobile Pages

10. Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

1. History of Affiliate Marketing

2. Types of Affiliate Marketing

3. Joining an Affiliate Marketing Program

4. Signing up as an Affiliate

5. Logging into affiliate account

6. Integrating Affiliate Links

7. Monitoring affiliate performance

8. Affiliate Links and how to deal with

9. Promoting your affiliate program

10. Overcoming the challenges of affiliate

Google Adsense/Blogging

1. Understand Blogs

2. Types of Blogs and its importance

3. Creating blogs for free

4. creating a simple blog through wordpress

5. What is Adsense?

6. How to get Google Adsense

7. How to get approved for Adsense?

8. Do’s and Don’ts of Adsense Approval

9. Placing ads on your blog or websites

10. Top 10 Alternative Ads Websites

Google Analytics

1. Getting started with digital analytics

2. The importance of digital analytics

3. Conversions and conversion attribution

4. Creating a measurement plan

5. Understanding and using Google Analytics data

6. Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics

7. Understanding your account structure

8. Setting up basic filters

9. Setting up goals and ecommerce

10. Navigating Google Analytics reports

All other Courses

YouTube Marketing Training

Learn to build a solid foundation for your channel and all about video marketing & After the course it´s easy for you to make a video and earn money with youtube.View Course

Email Marketing Training

Learn email marketing to grow your busines, subscriber, Build your audiance & get new leads Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of building an audience online. View Course

WordPress Training

This wordpress training course will guide you through the installation and running of WordPress on a web host, and show you how to run a successful, beautiful website or blog using wordpress CMS View Course

SEO Training

Learn how to optimize your website for search engine traffic. Your complete SEO training guide to help you increase visibility & ranking in search engines and attract more visitors and customers to your website View Course


Google Adoword Training

Learn how to use Google AdWords Pay per click to grow your business online & drive traffic to your website in this course i will teach you everything you need to know about adword to grwo your busienss or to get a job as ppc advertiserView Course

Google Analytic Training

Learn to use Google Analytics for uncovering actionable data and growing your business online. in this training course you will learn right from setting up your Google Analytics Account to to advance settings & features of google analytics.View Course

Google Adsense Training

Google Adsense practical training course to Generate smart passive income from your website or blog with Google Adsense. this course is specially for those bloggers or website owners who want to learn how to use Google AdSense to monetize website and blog.View Course

Affiliate Marketing Training

Learn how to put affiliate marketing to work for you so you can earn passive income easily or use this marketing technique to promote your business or products and to earn money working as an affiliate from home or anywhere.View Course

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing training  course to make you social media pro User which will help you to grow your business prospect and brand visiblity on various social media channels in this course you will learn a lot of tools and techniqes for social media marketing.View Course

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