How to add RSS Feed to Your Website / Blog

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Creating RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or it’s sometimes referred to as Rich Site Summary is an XML based content format for distributing news, headlines, content and more about  a website. It is almost a requirement now for higher ranking to have an RSS feed on your website or blog rank well.

RSS Feed readers come in all shapes and sizes these days. The Firefox browser has one built right into the bookmarks feature. I personally use Google Reader. (

You can also create feeds for your own website so your audience can subscribe to them. If you update your content frequently and promote the feed effectively, it can help drive more steady traffic to your website.

Advantages of Creating RSS Feeds

This is an excellent way to bring repeat traffic to your website. Think about it, every time a web surfer opens their RSS reader to get the headlines for all the sites the monitor, they’ll also see your site’s updates.

Instead of relying on them to bookmark your site and return at a later date, their RSS reader keeps your site fresh in their minds.

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Many entities are now publishing out their newsletters and switching to this method of content distribution because you don’t have to worry about dodging the spam filters.

When you send an email newsletter more than half of those people won’t even receive it due to spam filters or junk mail algorithm. With RSS feeds, you don’t have to worry about that because you’re not sending an email, you’re simply sending out news feed for all the readers to pick up.

How to Create an RSS Feed for a Static Website

If you are novice in creating XML code, I recommend using for static websites. They have an easy –to-use feed builder that lets you create and manage all your feeds in one place.

One you have created your feed you have to upload the XML, file to your web server. automatically converts your feed into the XML format so you don’t need to worry about additional formatting or coding and make your RSS Feed URL something like.

Anytime you add a new article to your feed, that XML file is updated. FeedForAll also has a built in upload feature so you can upload the XML file right to your web server with their software, as long as your web host has FTP access.

Creating an RSS Feed Forum a Blog

Google allows you to create an RSS feed using their blog website WordPress is another website type that offers a free blog equipped with RSS feeds.

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