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Well we have talked about the keywords and what they can do for you, but picking the right keywords is, well the key.

If you are a small –business owner, you will want your website to be readily visible on each and every search engine for the right keywords. In fact using the right keywords in your website’s content can mean the difference between being listed as one of the first 20 sites returned  from search engine results (which is good) or being buried under other websites forty pages into the results (which means hundreds of result are returned before someone sees your site.)

There have been many studies showing that searchers rarely venture past the second page of searches and majorities choose website on the first page of the results when looking for something online.

Per Page Keyword Focus

Now this is worth happened in mid 2010. You want to pick only 1-3 keywords per page as your trophy keywords if you are optimizing for Google any more than that and Google will most likely find you relevant for none.

The smaller the keyword focus (meaning focus on one keyword) the better. Why?   “Google Instant” started on September 8, 2010 and has created a lot of hype around the effects it will have on the future of search marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not just organically but also on sponsored Listings.

Google instant turns search into a real-time stream of results which flow onto your screen as you type your query letter by letter. With each letter you type, a whole new set of results flash by. This is important for several reasons. First and foremost, you will now see many more search results than you would have by typing in your search query and just pressing enter.

This had an immediate effect on a users search pattern and causes people to shy away from doing a click through to the second page or more of the search results. Google’s av average user behavior and keyword usage hasn’t changed much as results of Google Instant but there are some keys to how you should optimize your pages.

At the basic level there are many things as a web site owner or SEO guru you should know. Including the fact that Google Instant only affects a portion of Google searches.

There are several limitations and Google Instant functionality is turned off in the following circumstances:

  1. If you are not logged into Google account.
  2. If a user types a search query directly into a browser or toolbar.
  3. If you are located outside of the US, UK, France Italy, Germany, Spain or Russia.
  4. If your browser is outdated.
  5. If you choose the deactivate Google Instant.

NOTE: It is definitely to note that not all searches are at they are in the search bars such as in the URL. Bar in the case of Google Chrome.

So How Do I modify my website‘s SEO practice to help me with users search pattern changes in optimizing my website?  Do I just optimize pages for parts of keywords?  The answer surprisingly is “no”.  Google definitely hates website with bad mechanics.  Spelling issues are a problem with gaining relevance on Google so that is definitely not the answer.

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