Frequency of Keyword Use in Pages

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Frequency of Keyword Use

Website must be relevant to the keywords you choose. So the frequency with which the keywords appear on a web page may also affect how a page is ranked in search results for that keyword. For example, on a page about office furniture, one that use the words “office furniture” five time might be ranked higher than one that uses the words only two or three times.

When word frequency became a well-known factor, some website designers began using hidden words hundreds of times on pages, trying to artificially boost their rankings. Almost every search engines recognizes this as keyword spamming and ignore or even blacklist pages that use this technique. keyword text in seo

Keyword Using Tips

  • Don’t repeat keywords in your title tags. Repetition can occasionally come across as spam when a crawler is examining your site, s avoid that in your title if possible, and never duplicate words just to gain a spider, Bot or crawler’s attention.
  • Include a call to action in your title. There is an adage that goes something like. “You will never sell a thing if you don’t ask for the sale.”  That’s true on web as well. If you want your users to do something, you have to ask them. The title is never a bad place to ask. But include your trophy keywords there too.
  • Create a website that contains Meta tags, content, graphics and keywords that help improve your site ranking.
  • Use keywords liberally on your site, so they are used in correct context of your site topic and content. Keep them relevant and search engines will keep you relevant.
  • Include reciprocal links to your site from others as long as those links are legitimate and relevant to the topic of your website.
  • Continuously encourage website traffic through many venues, including keyword advertising, reciprocal links and marketing campaigns.
  • Submit your website to search engines manually, rather than wait for them to pick up your site in the natural course of cataloging websites.


Follow these simple step while optimizing your body text for keywords.

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