Google Doodles First Parachute Jump

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It’s the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump in the world and Google is celebrating the vent with an invitational, interactive new doodle.

Google Doodles are made to celebrate some important event or for the celebration of an accomplishment. The doodles which are often interactive add an element of fun and thrill to the differently colorfully static Google logo.

Today’s doodle, in respect of Andre-Jacques Garnerin highlights his achievement. Andre-Jacques Garnerin invented the frame less parachute and successfully finished his jump on October 22, 1797 at Parc Monceau, Paris. He made his first jump using a silk parachute which was around 7 m in diameter. The silk parachute was shaped like an umbrella and initially resembled a closed umbrella when he began his acclivity. The closed umbrella had a pole running down its center and a rope running through a tube in the pole, which attached it to the balloon. Garnerin rode in a basket attached to the bottom of the parachute. On reaching the desired height, Garnerin lopped the rope that connected his parachute to the balloon. He had an uneventful descent.

Andre-Jacques Garnerin

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