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 Download Google ToolBar Here:

  1. Click the Toolbar’s wrench  icon.
  2. On the Privacy tab, select (or deselect) the “PageRank”  checkbox.
  3. Click Save.

toolbar overview

Now let’s get to the Google Page Rank tool and see how useful this tool really is. It has 4 main features. Let’s take a look at each one. The first is really cool features is the rectangular box.It fills like a guage every time you visit a new website and if you hover over the Page Rank box with your mouse, it shows you the site’s Google Page rank, as shown on my website

page rank of times of india

                        (Figure 1.4)

Notice in figure 1.4 that Times of India website has a page ranking of 7/10. It takes a long time and a lot of work to do everything necessary to gain a 7/10 ranking. I find most websites which have a decent web developer and have been up a long time get a maximum Google ranking of a 2 and sometimes a 3.

The second feature actually has two parts to it. This is where you can tell on any website that Google has come to visit the site. If you click the little down arrow next the Page Rank box you will see the first of three options – “Caches snapshot of the Page.” Every time the Googlebot visits, it takes a picture of the page as shown in Figure1.5

Cache Page of Times of India

 Figure 1.5

Along with a picture of the website, the time and date of the snapshot is also logged. You also have one other important tool here!   Notice to the right a little link that say “Text only Version.”  Click this and see what the spiders crawlers, and bots really see (Figure 1.6)

times of india text version

(Figure 1.6)

It is amazing to see how little text relating to their website is found on some web pages. All the text on the site is contained in the pictures.  I have one customer who had one of the best looking websites. It was all done in Flash. However, she had a page ranking of zero, even though she had the website up for 3 years. Her website was better –looking and more interactive than all of her competition.

Nonetheless, her competition was at the top of the organic searches and winning all the clicks, whereas she was on page 41 for her best keyword.

Since the Panda/Farmers update as it was called when Google’s algorithm changed in 2010, you need to have more content. The bare minimum is now 300 actual words in text on the page. The more original the content the better Google will index it and let it performs.

Once the company, that had their site done in Flash, became a customer, you can’t even imagine how upset she was when I told her we would have to limit the Flash and include text instead to get her ranking up.  It is hard for some people to understand why Flashy isn’t always better.

The Third features is called “similar pages” (Figure1.7)

timesofindia Related Websites


The Similar Pages option provides you with, not surprisingly, links to pages which Google deems similar; these links are prime candidates for link exchanges which we will talk about later on this Blog. Since Google already believes they are related to your industry. The more relevant the links to and from your website are, the higher Google will make your Page Rank score.

The last feature you will find on the Google Page Rank Tool is the “Backward Link” option (Figure1.8)

Links of Timesofinida


The Backwards links option takes you to a list of links that the Googlebot has found that the link directly to your website.  These are very important to know. The more of these from relevant sites that Google knows about, the higher your Page Rank will be.

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Here is the link for Google Toolbar for mac

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