Google Advance Search Operators

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Here are some Google advance search operators to access for specific information very easily. must try and become advance Google searcher.
google advance search operator
(1) allinanchor: (allinanchor: yellow gadget) : Search for multiple words within anchor textallintitle: (allintitle:yellow gadget)
Search for multiple words (yellow gadget) within the page titleallinurl: (allinurl:yellow gadget)
Search for multiple words within the URLbphonebook: (bphonebook:company name, place)
Display a business phone directory listingcache: (
Display Google’s cached version of a pagedate: (yellow gadget date:5)
Restrict search results to pages added/updated in last X months.define: (define:meta tags)
Define a word or phrase

filetype: (yellow gadget filetype:doc)
Restrict search results by file type extension

inanchor: (inanchor:”yellow gadget”)
Search for a word or phrase within anchor text

info: (
Display info about a page

intitle: (intitle:”yellow gadget”)
Search for a word or phrase within the page title

inurl: (inurl:yellow gadget)
Search for a word or phrase within the URL

link: (
Display pages that link to the specified page

phonebook: (phonebook:name, place)
Display a phone directory listing

related: (
Display pages of similar content

rphonebook: (rphonebook:name, place)
Display a residential phone directory listing

site: (ebook
Search within a site or domain

stocks: (stocks:infy)
Display stock quote and financial info for a specified ticker symbol

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Note: Google may change how undocumented operators work or may eliminate them completely.


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