Basic Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

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Improve Your Website & Blog Ranking Using these Basic Tips

seo steps for ranking

Every step is important for ranking!

Provide Compatible Content and Pay Attention to Keyword Density

When it comes to optimizing a site so it is more search engine friendly, then most people try to follow those techniques that will make Google, the major search engine, happy. That means, most of all, to provide content that is authoritative, reliable, relevant, and in no way reflects any kind of spamming. In addition, it is recommended that you keep your keyword density to about one to three percent so you don’t look like you are guilty of keyword spamming.

Be Sparing when Tagging Keywords
Therefore, when you are placing keywords that directly relate to a page’s content, or are part of a list of Meta keywords, insert an HTML tag around those specific keywords. Don’t use the tags everywhere or for each keyword though as you will be using too many of the tags – not something Google wants to see. Only use the tags one or two times for each page. Therefore, it’s best to use the tag around the keyword or keyword phrase that appears most frequently.

What Links Work
When it comes to anchor texts, Google does not like link builders to use the same wording for their anchor texts. Search engines look at such links as being automated. Therefore, when placing anchor texts, use wording that is brief and describes your site. You can also insert your site’s URL in an anchor text, or the name of your site or business. You may also think about establishing links with wording in the form of titles. Creating titles for links adds relevancy to the content from Google’s standpoint.

Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking can also help drive visitors to your site. A site may display, for instance, a Facebook “Like” button as well as buttons for social media sharing. Therefore, when people bookmark a site and share it (yours, in particular), it increases your visibility as well as the links and visitors directed to your site. Google weighs this activity as lending to the popularity of a website.

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Add a Site Map
Google, in order to find your site, requires that you incorporate a site map on your website. Each of the pages of your site should be linked with the map. Placement is considered preferable toward the bottom of each page or in the footer.

Needless to say, building backlinks is a necessity. If you want to increase your authority and trustworthiness, then incoming links from other sites is something that is needed, not only to establish your reputation online but to maintain a steady following at your website. Google likes backlinks that are from sites with a high page rank (PR) that address similar subjects.

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Backlinks should be Directed to other Pages Besides your Home Page
However, make sure that the backlinks that are directed to your site don’t just merely connect with your home page. They need to tie in with all the pages of your site for Google to read them as being worthwhile and useful. Otherwise, the links will be read by Google as being automated and directed to a site that has minimal content and non-essential information. Make certain then that your content has plenty of good and dependable data so deep linking can result.

Participate in an Article Exchange
You can also exchange articles as well. This interchange allows you to place an article of relevant and related content on someone’s site or blog while the recipient places one of their articles on your blog or website. Each party receives a link back to their site.

List your Website on Google Maps
When using Google, you can also add the name of your website and locale on Google Maps. If you have a blog, then Technorati is a good directory in which to become listed. Technorati will also syndicate any new content that you include on your blog – a great way to draw visitors and add to your backlinking efforts.


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