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Google shopping all starts at Submission to Google Product Search are free and has no bearing on if you use AdWords or have a high website page ranking. With Google Product search, customers can research products, get descriptions and reviews, and your products show up just before the organic results as seen a few pages back in Figure 7.5

Results can show up in Google’s universal search results on the main search engine.  This can occur in either the “one box” shopping result (in the US, UK and Germany) or a product pages that show reviews, specifics and seller ratings.

google shoppings

Figure: 7.6

Google Product Search shown in Figure 7.6 is supported by Google Base. To get your products into Google Base, you can submit them in one of four ways:

To start Go to Google Base ( and submit you items. Google only recommends this for if you have items or less.  If you have more you need to use their template to submit what are called product feeds using either tab-delimited text or XML files.

There are also store connectors for uploading existing products at an online store such eBay for example.

There is a video to learn more about how to get started and how to use the Google Shopping API in about 5:00. It explains a lot of best practices for submitting your feeds to Google Base.  I have a list of my own best practices and tips below:

  • Product Title – Very Important. Primary keywords should be in title, not more than twice
  • Product Description  – Very Important. Again repeating keywords more than once may lead to penalties.
  • Freshness of feed – Very important. Products that are new and uploaded on a regular basis are listed above stale products.
  • Upload product feed at least once a week. Preferably 2x a week.
  • Keyword – Place keywords someone would use to find the product in the URL of product of the product page. Offering Google checkout improves position.
  • ALT Tags – Also add the complete brand and model name in ALT tag of your images on product pages.
  • Reviews – Positive (or any) store ratings improve position. I recommend to my clients that when they get started that they buy two of their own products through Google Checkout so they can will never show up.
  • Competition – Research your competitions products at
  • Price Matching – If you are doing feeds to Google make sure the prices exactly match the prices on the product pages on your website.

Note: Just so you know, SERP rankings have no effect on Google Shopping/Google Products.

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