Google Technical Suggestions

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  •   Create or convert your website to WordPress.
  •   Focus on only 1 keyword on a page.
  •   Keep the keyword density for the word around between 6-7 %.
  •   Put relative content including links to your social media accounts in the top 800×600 viewable screen for users to help Google Caffeine indexing.
  •   Make sure your domain name is registered for at least 5 years or more.
  •   Install Google Analytic to measure traffic to increase rankings.
  •   Use Google Webmasters Tools and follow all suggestions.
  •   Match the first three keywords on the Title tag, Meta descriptions tag, Meta keyword tag.
  •   Validate your HTML code by using either W3C Report or any other website audit report. Fix all major issues found in the report related to browser or mobile devices, broken links, html coding issues, etc.
  •   Avoid broken links.
  •   Ensure that you have allowed the GoogleBot to crawl your site and employ Robot.txt
  •   Use static URLs wherever possible rather than dynamic URLs with multiple extensions.
  •   Interact with Google owned sites such as Blogger, BlogSpot, and YouTube.
  •   Don’t use a newly registered domain name if Possible.
  •   Crate valuable content.
  •   Use visible on-page text, include a high keyword density.
  •   Keep pages down to a reasonable file size fewer than 180K.
  •   Try not to cover more than one topic per page.
  •   Use static text links.
  •   Put keywords in text rather than in images.
  •   Don’t hide text on a page.
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