Google Webmaster Serach Console Tool [Explained]

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google has some general guidelines if you want to rank successfully. Theseguidlines and recommendation are laid out on Google’s Webmaster Central ( which we explained in Chapter 4. You will also find tools available at Webmaster Central that enables you to analyze your site to help make it more Googel friendly. Those tools include the following:

  • Site Status Wizard: This tool helps you to determine whether your site is currently being indexed by Google.
  • Webmaster Tools:  A set of tools designed to help you improve the indexing and ranking of your site and adding a link to your website’s site map.
  • Google Site Map Generator: Under the Webmaster Tools you can find the Google Sitemap Generator to make a sitemap of your website.
  • Content Submission Tools: This is used to submit your site to Google, or to add products to Google Base or content to Google Book Search.
  • Google’s Webmaster Blog: Here you can find tips and strategies for ranking well in Google. Also you will find information on how the Google algorithm has changed.
  • Webmaster Help Centre: If you don’t understand something about Webmaster Central, here’s where you will find an explanation.

Some of the things that you should pay close attention to and follow through with are:

  • Submit a sitemap of your site so Google knows what pages they should index.
  • Tell Google what is the canonical URL. you want to use (  or
  • Detect issues with duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.
  • See a list of URLs restricted by robots.txt.
  • Detect Crawl ability issues.
  • Find 404 error pages.
  • See the most common keywords people find your site through.
  • Gets a list of links pointing to your site.
  • Tell Google how they should index your images.

See also: Google Analytics


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