Keyword Meta Tag Best Practices and Example for SEO

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How can I view My Meta Keyword Tag?

You can find the Meta Keyword Tag in the head section of your code normally below the title tag and Meta description tag. You can view your Meta Keyword Tag in the source code by simply going to the menu at the top of your browser and clicking on view, scroll down your options and click on source then open the window for a full view. The Meta Keyword Tag is in the Head area just like the Title Tag and Meta Description Tag.

Here is an example of how a Meta Keyword Tag is placed within the website coding:

meta keyword tags

Meta keyword tag in coding

How should I place my Meta Keyword Tag?

Within this Meta tag, list out all your keywords and key phrases separated by a comma and no space. The keywords should list in order of importance, i.e. what is your page about & keyword frequency. Remember to include variations of a keyword, meaning the singular and plural versions. You should not repeat a keyword more than 3 to 4 times within this tag. This includes variations of a word. Over use of this tag is frowned upon by search engines and considered spam.

How Keyword Tags Benefit In SERP?

keyword meta tags

Keyword meta tags looks in SERP


Misconceptions About Keyword Meta Tags:

The Meta Keyword Tag was used as a staple for a lot of search engines long ago. Search engines incorporated this tag as a factor for drawing relevant search terms. As the internet built popularity over the 1990’s people started realizing they could manipulate a search engines technology and could spam search engines to show up for a term that was not relevant for the person looking for a particular type of product, service, information, etc . Well guess what? Those days are long gone.

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Till this day we still see the overuse of keywords for this tag with websites and people thinking if they add keywords over and over again or capitalize some of them that it is going to make a big difference, FORGET IT! It doesn’t work. We are not saying that the Meta Keyword Tag can not be used for optimizing a website it just doesn’t weigh as heavily as it once did.

Keyword Performance hopes you have found this information a helpful tip in building an effective search engine optimization marketing strategy. Feel free to utilize any other information within our website to help with a better understand and maximize your search engine performance.

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Meta keyword tag are now doesn’t add much value for ranking in google as google ignore keyword tag due to spam by webmasters but it is still count by other search engines. so keep it adding.

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