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Keyword Research Tools

There are many on the internet to help you find the exact keywords to use for your website. The trick understands how keywords work, which you should use, and the best ways to use them. If you choose the most relevant keywords and properly design your site using those keywords you will have a highly visible and successful website.

At a basic level, keywords capture the essence of your website. Keywords are the words or phrases, a potential visitor to your site enters into a search engines to find website. Only website related to the specific subject matter in which they are looking for. If you went to Google, did a search and had to go through 30 pages of content to find a website that matched what you were looking for, you would stop using Google and go back to the telephone, or choose Yahoo! Instead.  That is why choosing keywords that match your website content is so important. The keywords that you choose are used throughout the optimization process applied to your website. If you do not choose to use them in this way then I would not expect to have anyone find your website, unless they know the exact URL.

instant search google

Figure 2.1

So let’s ask ourselves some questions:

  1. What words best describe my website content?
  2. How do I know which keywords to use?
  3. Where do I find help in deciding?
  4. Once I know my possible keywords, where I see how people search on those keywords?

All of these are great questions and knowing the answers to these questions will save you a great deal of time when creating a website.

First off you can go to google and start to type words that apply to your site. The most commonly searched terms will populate for you as shown in Figure 2.1, where I began to search for “Delhi pizza”.

There are five hundred software packages, books, and websites out there to help you determine your keywords. One of the best, if you want all the work done for you is

However, if you do not want to spend money, do what I do. Have Google to the work for you.  “Saying what? Google can do the work for me?”  You ask. Who post this article?  He must have been drinking while he was writing this post.

No really. Google has a little known website tool for determining keywords. They advertised its existence to Google ambassadors but it is generally unknown to most website owners or the general public. Let’s take a look at what this tool can do for you.

Google keyword planner tool

Figure 2.2

If you go to the URL of:    OLD: Tools

(You will find this tool as shown in Figure 2.2)

Notice you have a couple of options. You can put a generalization of your keywords of, if you already have a website, you can choose to have Google crawl your website and decide the words that will work best.

The search reply that you get back will be incredibly long and many of the results will most likely apply to your website. But the ones that do, you can see how many searches there were on a average on a local level or on a global level. Not only that, but a measurement of how hard the competition is for each keyword!

Why don’t we take a look at both options in detail?

news search

Figure 2.3a

keyword search tool box

Figure 2.3b

In figure 2.3b you see Google’s new keyword Search Tool Beta.  The results in Figure 2.4 shows search results from Google’s Keyword Search Tool. Figure 2.5 shows the same search results from Google’s news Keyword External Tool.

news search page

Figure 2.4

Notice in Figure 2.4 and 2.5 is merely suggestive keywords. Also the list can be downloaded n either a text, or .csv (for excel) to review later.  You will notice to the right a new field that shows by month how many searches have been made for those keywords over the last year.

Now let’s look at what happens if I let Google crawl the site and come up with search terms.

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