Importance of Keywords in SEO

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Keyword research is a process of searching right keywords or keyword phrases for search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines to find information, products or services they provides.

Finding the right keywords

  • Brainstorm any possible keywords.
  • Write down any words that are relevant to your site on note cards
  • Find Synonyms for each word that is useful to your site
  • Research your keywords on Overture Search Tool – It’s quick and easy and will give you ideas and baseline data:

What is the value of keywords from the point of view of SEO?

When you have understood the essential idea of Keywords, now let’s dive into just  little deeper involved with it. Whenever we SEO boost a post or a website, we have the choice to explain our goal keywords. This is common as Meta_keywords. Back until 2012, it was important to specify Meta_keywords (Keyword you are targeting), however in 2016, it isn’t of any use. Internet search engine is becoming smarter to auto-detect automatically keywords & list your webpages.

Google has recently managed to get clear that they don’t consider meta keywords when choosing keywords, which is practical because many bloggers who are not used to blogging or article marketing add plenty of keywords in their articles.

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For example, you might write the next meta keywords because of this post that you will be reading: “keywords tips, SEO, key word research”, etc.

Now consider – would anyone who’s looking for “keyword guidelines” want to see this information first? Personally, I’d nothing like to rank in serach engines for these keywords, because people will land here and leave your blog then. This will likely impact my bounce rate, and my average time on site also.

Free Keyword Research Tools

  Inventory Keyword Tool‎

  Try Google Adwords Keyword Tool

  Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Check out Google Sets to see how search engines might “theme” your site:

  • Scope the competition. Type your phrases into a few search engines and see who is topping the SERPS.
  • Determine which SERPS you can be competitive in and optimize your site around those phrases.
  • Choose the most relevant, most searched words that have the least competition. (Did I hear the word “Niche?”)


Conclusion: Keyword research is vital part of SEO. You cannot start seo process or plan for a seo campaign unless you know which keywords you want to target or what people are searching to find your products or services and how many people are searching for that phrase (search volume of a keyword)

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