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Keywords in Meta Tags are no longer a requirement for Google, but they are helpful on other search engines. Google scans the actual relevant content that is on all the pages on your website (with correct linkage that is.) and palace more weight on the words placed in the <Title> tag.

Warning: We already touched on this a little but for websites that have their relevant content or words mainly in pictures or in Flash search engines crawlers cannot read this. This is why the most Flashy and spectacular looking website are on page 284 of a keyword search.

Now I said that having Meta tags on Google   was not a requirement, but I wouldn’t leave them out. If you were looking at this from points prospective, your description, keyword and other information in your Meta tags all give you more points if they match the content actual website page of your website as well as the title bar. It all adds up to what the search engines see as relevant content.

In this section we will look at how to properly format meta tags to allow prime optimization,  allow the bots, spiders and crawlers to visit more than your landing page, how to make them relevant to your keywords, add location based meta data, and much more!

Choosing Keywords Wisely

As I said earlier, keywords in your Meta tags are just one of about three dozen elements that are taken into consideration when search engines visit your website to collect information about your website.     But choosing those keywords, correctly placing those keywords on your website landing pages and matching them to the Title and Meta tagging of your website absolutely is necessary.

Some keywords absolutely have value; and more important, keywords can cause damage to your website reputation and make it almost invisible if not used properly.

Choosing Quality Keywords

Targeting your trophy keywords is absolutely important!

It is complicated I know. As I said earlier, keywords in Meta n tags are no longer a requirement. When I say it is not a requirement, I see companies with a ranking of one or two on Google all the time that do not have a single Meta tags, nor a list of keywords and no description either.

Their domains longevity, linkage and relevant content sped them along in the process to get ranked. But I t won’t get them much farther in the ranking process. Each stepping stone that you make on the list gets you a little higher in the ranking process.

I always like to explain it to customers that each item you do equals a point value to the major search engines.

  • Have a website that has been online for a long period (Years), add points.
  • Have your website registration paid so it expires in 5 years or more add points.
  • Create your website in wordpress get points. (Google seems to love wordpress more than any other web development platform. )
  • Have it expire in less than a year subtracts points.
  • Have Meta tags add points.
  • Have relevant content, add points, have quality and relevant links, add points.
  • Have an SEO Company that is a Search Engine Ambassador, add points.
  • Have a good hosting speed add points. (You can check at A passing score is 70 or more.
  • Have a homepage that has is smaller than 180 KB get points.
  • Have news article published about your website on websites that are determined by Google to be “Official News Sites” such as ,  etc, add a lot of points.
  • Have links from .gov and .edu sites, add points.
  • Have a good website quality score, add points. (check your website quality score here
  • Do well on all factors I outline here in this article to  get higher ranking!

The higher the points values, the higher the ranking can become. The more points needed is based on a number of factor, including the industry  you ‘re  in,  the competition  you have, competing companies with SEO paying  for the top spots,  local or national  campaigns, traffic to your  website, two way links and much more, but obviously not based on your keywords alone. In fact, it barely has an impact on rankings.

Now this imaginary point’s scale I have created to explain to clients and you how rankings work have nothing to do with the quality scoring, which I will talk about later in this article  series. However, deciding on your keywords has a major impact on this score.

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