Optimization for Bing, MSN & Microsoft Live

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Optimization for Bing, MSN & Microsoft Live

MSN and Microsoft live are powered by Bing and there is now a new term for optimization of Bing. The term is DAO which stand for Decision Engine Optimization. In a short time Bing has become one of the top three search engines, and it’s definitely not one that you should ignored.

Bing was not only supplying sponsored results but the organic results matched the Yahoo! results as well.  I have returned the Yahoo! section because Yahoo! is back to supplying different results and similarly its previous requirements.

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This is one section that gives you a good reason! As with other search engines, the basic optimization technique that you have learned are the best way to get your site listed in Bing’s database. Bing does not allow paid rankings.

The one difference with Bing is that this search engine puts more emphasis on the freshness of content than other search engines. Specifically, sites that update high quality, relevant on a regular basis have a better chance of ranking high with Bing. Therefore, if you have not yet implemented a content renewal strategy and you want to rank well with Bing, you should plan and implement a strategy as quickly as you can.

The following are factors weighing more heavily in Bing in Bing’s algorithm.

  • Location Meta Tags in Long tail Searches.
  • Content and keyword density of around 6%
  • Rich content (even more important on Bing than just about anything else).
  • Keyword placement.  Making sure you have your keywords in all the right places is imperative with the Bing search engine, especially page titles, H1 tags, and link text. They must all use matching trophy keywords.
  • Authoritative inbound links News organizations are especially ranked higher for inbound inks. Inbound links are important for any search engine, but Bing appear to act even more favorably toward inbound links, particularly those that are from sites that are news oriented and have a number of links.
  • A Technically sound, well-built site. Validating your code is important. You are penalized heavily for broken links.
  • An XML Sitemap is absolutely required, as a link to it placed under the website’s listing in the Bing Webmaster Center.
  • Bing recommends you create a Bing-specific mRSS feed through Bing Webmaster Tools for maximal indexing.

Bing offers quite a few Websites and tools to help site owners ensure their sites are well positioned for indexing within the engine. Bing Webmaster Centered, which we explained earlier, provides lots of helpful documentation and tools, including technical and content guidelines similar to Google’s Webmaster Tools.

There’s also a Webmaster Blog, which contains a useful section on search marketing. As part of the Webmaster Center, Bing offers “Guidelines to Successful indexing” to help Website owners ensure that the MSNBot can index your entire website’s content.

Bing Technical Suggestions:

  •   Validate your HTML code.
  •   Avoid broken links.
  •   Set up redirects from old pages to new ones.
  •   Ensure that you have allowed the MSNBot to crawl your site and employ Robots.txt
  •   Keep keyword density around 6%
  •   Use static URL’s wherever possible rather than dynamic URLs with multiple extension.
  •   Create Valuable content.
  •   Visible on-page text, include keywords.
  •   Keep pages down to a reasonable file size.
  •   Try not to cover more than one topic per page.
  •   Use static text links.
  •  Put keywords in text rather than in images.

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