Optimizing for Major Search Engines

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Optimization for Major Search Engines

  • Optimization for Google
  • Optimization For Bing, Yahoo!, MSN, and Microsoft Live
  • Optimizing for Yahoo!

In general, search engine optimization basics are all the same. Each major search engine differs slightly in what’s looking for, however,  so what makes you rank well with Google does not make your rank well with Bing (which, Incidentally, provides the search results for MSN, Microsoft Live and now  Yahoo!).

It is still up in the air what will happen with smaller search engines that chose Yahoo!  to do their search results but it looks like most will be allowing yahoo to forward Bing’s results.  These include:


  • ALLTheWeb       all search engines logos
  • Alta Vista
  • Go
  • HotBot
  • Lycos





So Bing is really a challenge to Google now.

In the next two article post, we will tell you how to optimize website for better rankings with Google. Then we will explain how to optimize your website for better rankings with Bing and Yahoo!.

We will also including technical and content suggestions to help you rank higher with both Google and Bing.


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