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Research is important as well as the placement of the keywords in your Title and Meta tagging. when optimizing for Google instant. google products logo

Use common sense when writing a post or optimizing for Google Instant. Always use keywords from the user prospective. What do I mean? Let’s say you are selling a Samsung Galaxy Grand cell phone.

To research the user’s keyword or words, analyze the Google Instant search result about how users interacted previously with search terms by typing some related keywords for your product.

google instant result

(Figure 7.2)

The above screenshot (Figure 7.2) is popping up some search results for the keyword “Galaxy Grand by Samsung” which is based on previous search keywords used by the Google search engine users. You will notice that Google search suggestions are indicated as well and you can see that as you spell all the way to “Samsung galaxy grand”. Every keyword that comes up in between would be an individual page I would recommend you optimize for that keyword.

If you are writing a review or a blog post it would also be better to include all those phrases or keywords as well in your post. If you include all the terms you researched in your post or page title it will increase the probability or your website being listed under Google Instant search results.

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