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Use this awesome tool OptinChat to convert website visitors into subscribers with an automated chat that with AI technology.

A subscriber to a blogger is exactly what oxygen is to human – “Important“.

Any blogger or website owner needs three things to get successful…  Subscribers, More subscribers and some more subscribers ;).

The raging no. In the subscriber list, this is because if you have a large list of subscriber you can reach to them in just a click when you have a new blog post or deals or if you announce your new product. The success secret of all popular blogger and affiliate marketer is their email subscriber list. Yes, it is!

Money is in your email list, More Subscriber means more money.

Now there are many ways to get subscribers: Paid promotions, word of mouth, sharing links etc. but what if I tell you that there is one thing which can help you make the visitors turn into subscribers and help you gain more subscribers at sky rocket speed? Would you believe it?

Well, you ought to because OptinChat does the same for you.

optinchat home page

So, What is Optinchat Tool?

OptinChat is a free automatic chatting tool that will help you increase your subscriber email list at a speed that is 3 times more than your regular tools.

I am using optinchat for a good period of time now and I am in absolute awe of this great tool you see OptionChat on this blog as well as n my main website.

Optinchat bot automatically asks questions to collect name, email & phone when someone visits your site/blog and collects their answer as a subscriber.

optin chat in action

With a very easy configuration setup where you just need to sign up, make your questions and replies which will be displayed at your work portal and finally just deploy the JS code on your website/blog page.  and that’s it … It is Done!

Now you just have to sit back and check your subscriber’s list getting high and high and high.

How to Install OptinChat on Your Blog?

A step by step guide to get started with optin chat is as follows:

1). Visit optinchat.com and create an account there.

2). Go to the OptinChat dashboard and visit question builder page where you will be asked to fill in all the relevant information.

optin chat dashboard

3). After you are done, click on the Save button.

4.) Now go ahead and copy code and paste into your blog

optin chat integration code

Note: if your blog or website is on WordPress platform you can add Optinchat WordPress Plugin for easy integration.

Installing OptinChat on Blogspot Blog (Blogger.com)

So, this is a very short tutorial on installing this widget in blogger blogs  there are many of us use blogger and I think it is important to know:
  1. First, create an account at OptinChat
  2. Fill all the necessary details and settings in the dashboard as mentioned above.
  3. Click on Save
  4. Now copy integration code as shown above.
  5. Copy the JAVASCRIPT code
  6. Login to Blogger.com Dashboard
  7. Now Go to theme >> Edit Html
  8.  Press Ctrl+f to find </body>
  9. Paste the integration code before </body> section
  10. Click On Save button to save the template and enjoy!
This is how you can install OptinChat on any blogger blog.

It is Done:  after installation, optinchat will start appearing on your blog as a notification and also play a sound when a visitor visit your site. see below in action.

optin chat notification screen

The main idea behind optinchat is that people tend to be responsive to chats. Thus when they visit your page and see a popup of a chat window, they get attracted and reply to the questions in the automated chat section which seem like a live chat but isn’t.

The automated questions and answers are designed in such a way that it fetches the important information about the visitor like name, email etc.  And this is how the visitor registers himself to become a subscriber of that website or page.

Why You Should Use Optinchat on your Blog:

Optin Chat is also very user-friendly chatbot software. Apart from a very easy configuration method, it has a very user-friendly interface which allows you for a page level targeting.

The visitor would get different chat pop-ups on different sections of the page, if the visitor is on about me page he will get a chat popup probably having questions of asking him to connect on facebook or something like that but if the visitor is on contact us page he will get a different chat pop up probably asking questions which will target at taking his information and sharing our information.

Awesome 🙂 isn’t it?

Optin Chat comes with so many benefits that it seems as if “Someone is giving diamonds in a chest made of 24 carat gold.

OptinChat Features:

Some more features which add cherry to the already delicious cake are as follows:

1). Stats Visualisation -visualization features helps you analyze your growth report and work according to that.

2) Data storage and download – The data of the visitors you collect is saved in the dashboard and can be exported as a CSV file.

3) Integration: Easily integrates with Google sheets, Convertkit, MailChimp etc.

4) Data Collect: It not just collects emails and names but phone numbers as well which strengthen our database.

5) Mobile Friendly: The best thing is that it works on any device which makes it an accessible feature to many.

Integration with Major Tools:

You can integrate optinchat with major email marketing software like MailChimp, Converkit, aweber etc all without any technical hassle.

optin chat integration features

What Industry Experts are Saying about OptinChat:

Optinchat ai chat bot tool is already praised by blogging industry experts and digital marketers like Raghavendra from freelancing jack, Farhad Sajid from Cybrosec India and Jitendra Vaswani from blogger ideas apart from these blogging experts what others are saying you can read all optinchat testimonial on its official website.

optin chat users feedback

No Doubt that OptinChat is an awesome tool that increases your blog subscriber faster than any other tools as well as increase engagement rate of your site. The best part is it is completely free with google sheet integration features so that you can get your subscriber data in a sheet automatically saved on google drive.

Get yourself ENGAGED with Optin Chat to ENGAGE more subscriber.

All said and done, there is no denying the fact that Optin Chat is nothing less than a blessing for bloggers and website owners struggling to grow email subscriber.

Use this awesome tool OptinChat to convert website visitors into subscribers with an automated chat that with AI technology.
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