What is the purpose of Google Instant?

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SIDEBAR:  What is the purpose of Google Instant?

For this answer you need to know a little bit about the history of Google and really understand a major driving force behind this change in their search engine results pages (SERPs). As recently as 2008, you could optimize a page and find relevance for 15 to 18 keywords.  In 2009, it became smaller.  For most websites to find good rankings website developers needed to concentrate on less than 5 to 8 keywords in 2009.  In 2010 it became 1 to 3 keywords.

This new indexing method makes it really one page optimized for one keyword.

Why would Google do this?  Well only around 5-7 % of the websites on the Internet employ any type of purposeful SEO Techniques.

Out of those, only a smaller number of those actually use updated or good SEO techniques and of those only a small fraction get professional SEO services that keep them up on the techniques.

The rest of those website owners do not know how to make multiple landing pages, get indexed correctly, stay up on the latest SEO principles, or understand site maps so they can focus on multiple keywords.

What this means is that the average website not employing the latest SEO techniques to focus on multiple keywords has to pay money to stay competitive for more than one keyword.  For Google this money goes primarily to AdWords and this is going to be a cash windfall for Google.  The fewer the words you can stay on the first page of Google.


You probably have the question now of what do I need to do to stay on top and be found with users new search behaviors? Through our testing of Google Instant we have determined that a majority of the time. Google is looking

at the first word of the characters in the domain name, Title tag, and the words in Meta description tag to decide the most relevant pages to display. You should modify your web pages or add pages so that your singular keyword search term on your pages contain only the individual  key search term and its plural form.  Here is an example:


<title>USB Converter ½ USB Converters</title>


You will have to create pages and optimize them for other keywords you have in secondary or later positions to remain competitive for those keywords.  Don’t forget you need to modify your Meta Keyword and Meta Description Tags to include your keyword as well using first keyword in the Meta Description tag as well.

For most website owner these changes will be more burdens and require many new pages, but the sooner the changes are made, the sooner you will reap the rewards.


NOTE: There is a lot more to Google instant than just  Meta tags and I cover these in detail later keep visiting continue. or  Subscribe via Email.

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