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Along with great keyword densities and good Meta tagging, there are some things that can really push your Google optimization over the top.

Submit a video sitemap through the Google Webmaster Tool
You should use the Google Webmaster tools provided by the major search engines. Among other wonderful things, they accept XML sitemap submission, which directly tell the search engines about every web page on your site you wish to be indexed. A video sitemap does exactly what you think; it helps search engines find all your videos. For more information follow the instructions here:


Make sure your video format is supported by Google.
Google sitemaps only accepts the .mpg , .mpeg, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .avi, .asf, .ra, .ram and .flv files.

Use Robots.txt file properly
Google doesn’t ignore the robots.txt files for your website. If you disallow User-agent “Googlebot” anywhere on your website, Google will not crawl or index those pages. So it is important to be triply to be sure that all the URL’s included in your site map allow Googlebot access.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or other means to speed up your website performance.
Hosting your own videos can help you outrank other website or it can cause you to die in the rankings. If your website doesn’t have the bandwidth or logistics to quickly display video, it can slow your website down. Using a content delivery network such as YouTube.com will help your pages load super-fast, which is now a major search engine ranking factor for Google. Google doesn’t want to send searchers to slow landing pages.

Create a mechanically sound website.
Your website must be mechanically sound in every way. Google ranks sites now based on how good the coding of your website is.

If your website is not completely compatible with all the available browsers, has broken links, errors in the code, stale or outdated coding, lacks W3C compliance or any other 400 other coding violations you may find it hard to rank at all on Google.

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How do you know if you have these mechanical issues? You need to use a service such as SEOAudits.com or AccuaQuality.com. They are the only tools I recommend and use to run over 400 tests on every page of your website and deliver a comprehensive report. They even spell check every pages of your website and give you links or instructions on how to fix most of the issues in their reports.

New Google Features to Watch or Try

I have been watching Google experiment with their Auto-suggest algorithm and add it to multiple search services they run (including Google News, image search etc).  Here is the main Google search Auto-suggest sources and how they are different from one another.

google news home

Figure 7.4

Google News Suggest
Google News suggests was launched in late 2009. This is an invaluable tool for search marketers. The good thing about Google News Suggest is that it would suggest hot trends to you, so you may know what’s hot without even searching the news (Google News Algorithm presents suggestions that are particularly relevant for news-related-queries).

Here are the front page news and the suggestions that make it obvious as shown in Figure 7.4

Google Image Suggest
One of the main reasons why website owners should keep an eye on Google Suggest is that Google Image Search is still the easiest way to get traffic, so be sure to target it carefully.

The Image Search suggestions include many specific words like “wallpaper”, “cartoon”, “photos”, “landscape”, “logo”, “and pictures”:

Google Product Suggest
Google products Suggest was launched in September 2009 and it is obviously an interesting tool for e-commerce focused projects. Type any search term and get up to 10 product suggestion.

Google Products/Google Shopping
Google Products and Google Shopping all start at http://base.google.com. This is a newer feature that allow for products to be sold on Google and have then appear near the top of search results. Google has placed a box which displays product suggestion in the SERP.s as shown here in Figure 7.5 when I type in “hair dryer”. (See the Google Shopping Recommendations section at the end of this section.)

google shopping home

Figure: 7.5

Here is the current recommendation for Google Shopping for Google Products.

  • Product Title – Primary keywords should be in title, not more than twice.
  • Product Description – make keyword is listed once. Repeating keywords more than once may lead to penalties.
  • Freshness of feed – products that are new and uploaded on a regular basis are listed above stale products. Upload product feed at least once a week, preferably 2x a week.
  • Place keywords in the URL of your products page.
  • Offering Google checkout improves position and the frequency of the ad rotation.
  • Better Google Checkout reviews improves product showing frequently.
  • Also add the complete brand and model name in Alt tag your images on product pages.
  • If you are doing feeds to Google make sure the prices exactly match the prices on the product pages.

Google Video Suggest
In terms of video search, we are given two different options. Google Video search and YouTube Search. We have already described how with keyword research and barnstorming. Like YouTube Suggest, Google Video suggestions could work in certain niches for video optimization and keyword ideas (and inspiration):

Google Maps Suggest
Google “smarter” search suggestion was introduced in April of 2009 as well. They got smarter in two ways:

  • Personalized suggestion (These are based on your search history and location): You should log out of Google before you check if your business pops up there.
  • Enhanced database (The search suggestions include additional information, such as the address of the business or the district that a place is in.


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