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I hope submitting your RSS feed URL to these sites will surely improve your links and traffic, in result it will improve your SEO benefit of your efforts.

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Top RSS Feed Submission Sites:

Syndic8 – submit RSS feeds
RSS Network – submit RSS feeds
DayPop – post your RSS feed or blog
Feedster – submit your RSS feed
Rocket News – post your RSS feed
Technorati – submit your RSS feed to be pinged
Userland – submit rss feeds
Postami – submit rss feeds
Finance Investing Feeds – Only submit finance or investment related feeds.
Realty Feeds – Submit only home related RSS feeds. Be sure to select the appropriate category.
Medical Feeds – Submit feeds related to medical care or health.
Religious Podcasts – Submit only podcasts that relate to religion, sermon or spiritual beliefs.
Sports Feeds – Submit sports related RSS feeds and podcasts.
Political Feeds – Submit political feeds and podcasts.

Feed24 – RSS feed submissions
Shas3 – Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
FeedCat – Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
RSS Clipping – add RSS urls
Read A Feed – add RSS urls
Loomia – add RSS feeds
Feeds2Read – add your RSS feeds
Feedzie – add your RSS feeds
RSS Portal – add your RSS feeds
RSS Feed 4U – add your RSS feeds
StepNewz – suggest RSS feeds
StepNewz – suggest RSS feeds
JordoMedia – suggest RSS feeds
RSS Mad – add an RSS feed (on bottom right side)

Submit Blogs Blog RSS Feeds:

Blog Digger – submit your rss feed for your blog
ReadABlog – submit your blog
Blogarama – submit your blog
BlogStreet – blog submissions
Globe of Blogs – submit your rss feed for you blog
Kmax Blog Links – blog submission
BlogSearchEngine – submit rss feeds for web logs
BlogHop – submit feeds for blogs
EatonWeb – submit feed for online blogs
PopDex – feed sumbission for web blogs – blog submissions
BlogCensus – submit your rss feed for your blog
BlogTree – blog submission
BlogStreet – rss feed submission for blog
BritBlog – blog submission
BlogLines – submit your blog to the directory
Australian Blog Directory – submit your blog
BoingBoing – submit blogs for review
RootBlog – enter the URL of a RSS feed you want to added to the database.
Weblog Directory – submit blog to directory
BlogoSphere EcoSystems – add your weblog
Blogz – add your blog
BlogWatcher – submit the url of your web log
BlogMatcher – submit your blog url
BlogPulse – automated trend discovery system for blogs
BlogCatalog – The Ultimate Blog Directory – Search For Blogs
Blogdir – spanish blog community
Blogs R Us – add feed
Blogs By City – add your blog!
FeedMap – submit a blog!
BlogSearch – submit blogs
BlogSweet – blog feed submission.
BlogFlux – blog feed submission.
Blogtastic – blog feed submission.
Blog Introduction – submit blogs.
Finding Blog – blog submissions
Bulletize – blog submissions
BlogTopSites – blog submissions
Blog Fuse– blog submissions
Blogion– blog submissions
AddUrlBlog– add blogs
Blogbib– add blogs
BOTW Blog– add blogs
Blog Directory Submit– add blogs
iBlogBusiness – add business blogs only
BlogSiteZone – manually add blogs to directory.
BlogTopList – adds blogs to directories.

BlogBurst – adds blogs to directories.

Feedest – submit a feed
RSSMicro – submit a feed – submit an RSS Feed
RSS Mountain – submit RSS
FeedSee – human edited RSS submissions
RSSSpan – Feeds Directory Search.
FeedNuts – Feeds Directory Search.

FindRSS – Submit RSS feeds
FeedBase – Submit RSS feeds
RSSMotron – Submit RSS feeds – Submit RSS feeds
Day Time News – Submit RSS feeds
FeedGod – suggest a feed (on the right)
RSSBuffet – submit an RSS feed
SolarWarp– submit an RSS feed

FeedAge – Submit RSS feeds
GoldenFeed – Submit RSS feeds
RSSMicro – Submit RSS feeds
Octora RSS Feeds – Submit RSS feeds
FeedFury – Submit RSS feeds
RSSMotron – Submit RSS feeds

BlogTopSites– add blogs (they will provide required code that must be inserted in your website, in order for blogtopsites to rank your blog)


Security Protection Feeds – Submit only security or protection related feeds RSS feeds select appropriate category.

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Good Luck!

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