Search Engine Site Visitors

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Search Engine Site Visitors

We have talked a little bit already about the spiders, crawlers, and robots that come visit your site to see what content you have and see what has changed since its last visit . Some search engines visit your site monthly but others (such as news websites and sites that host blogs) visit daily or even hourly.

How do I know this? Well turn on your TV. The next time a major news story breaks on CNN, check the search engines to see if they have a link to the story. While I was writing this, I had CNN on my television and there was breaking news. It had just been announced 5 minutes before but Google already had links to 3 website with the story. Incredibly fast!

Google makes it easy to see when its Googlebot has last visited a webpage. You need the Google Toolbar to view this, however The Google toolbar is available free of charge at  You download a small program, and you are ready for some easy searching. The toolbar works with Microsoft Window NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 Server and Window 7. You must also have Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or greater installed. There is also similar version available for Firefox users. Unfortunately, Mac users are out of luck.

NOTE: Per Google’s own words, “You get the best of the Google Toolbar Built right into Chrome.” So you already have the Page Rank Tool in Google Chrome.


If you have the Google toolbar installed there is a plethora of additional tools and options you can configure including a tool called “Page Rank”. When you hit the check mark to place the Page Rank box on the toolbar as shown in Figure 1.3A you see a small but very powerful rectangle box that is added on the Google Toolbar right next to the Bookmarks button.

google toolbar snapshot



On some versions of the Google Toolbar it can be found under tools as shown in Figure.1.3B

google toolbar options


The page rank is in essence the term quality scoring. Google‘s Page Rank is a score of a website from zero to ten (0-10). Ten is the highest and zero is the lowest. If you are compacting against another website on the same keywords, the website with the highest Page Rank will be higher on the SERP page when a search is performed. When you are higher on a page due to your Google page ranking, you have obtained this search.


Google makes a rankling of website based on the factors we have already discussed and some we will discuss later in this book. After the crawlers, spiders and robots have gathered data from all the sites known on the web, it uses this information to determine a site page ranking. This ranking or scoring determination is one of the most secretive parts of SEO.

The goal is to score pages based on the quality and relevance that site visitors derive from each page they visit. How good it looks visually as virtually no effect on what the crawler, spider and robots gather from a website, as shown on the Google Page Rank tool below.

 Here is the Screenshot of PagerRank of page rank



Note: There once was a time when the keywords in the Meta tag made up the rank of a page and was the most important factor. Now they make up about one percent of the Google Page ranking. Keywords are still important in web page rankings. However, they‘re just one of a hundred or so elements that are taken into consideration.  


I know the major influence of this score from experience and from information provided by Google and other search engines. Google as well as the other major search engines are masters of changing their algorithms and the elements that weigh into their algorithm used to determine the Page Rank of each URL.


Value of A Ranked Website

Every ranked website has a value and the higher the Google Ranking the more valuable your domain name is. Let’s take a look:

Domain Rank                                                                              Value

Rank of 0/10                                                                                       $ 0-100

Rank of 1/10                                                                                       $ 100-350

Rank of 2/10                                                                                       $ 351-450

Rank of 3/10                                                                                       $ 451-3000

Rank of 4/10                                                                                       $ 3001-5500

Rank of 5/10                                                                                       $ 5501-9500

Rank of 6/10                                                                                       $ 9501-25000

Rank of 7/10                                                                                       $ 25001-85000

Rank of 9/10                                                                                       $ 1 Million +

Rank 10/10                                                                                          A LOT. 🙂


Google looks at more than the sheer volume of visits a page receives or the number of links to that page from other websites. It also looks at the pages that direct traffic or have links to your site. If you looked at it from a point system, certain types of websites such as; news sites, government’s sites, education sites, and sites Google has already ranked highly, give your website more points. Accumulate enough points and Google starts to rank your page highly. Accumulate more and Google increases your page ranking. Links are a heavily weighted item but it is only one part of hundreds of items that will be required to make your website rank highly.

A web page that has multiple links to it might rank lower than a page that has just a single link from a “more important” page. It is always good to create pages visitors like, but be mindful of search engines.

Want to know how your page ranks?   Let’s take a look at how we can view this information and much more using the Page Rank Tool from the Google Tool Bar.



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