Search Engines and Their Query Interface

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Search Engine Query Interfaces

The search query interface is the most familiar part of the search engines.

This is the title box where you type a few words related to what you want to find and light magic,  a list of website shows up. It is rare that you find a link to a website that is not relevant to your search words or a website that no longer exist. You also won’t found websites without updated content. 

bing query interface

Figure 1.1

The search interface is shown in fugure 1.1 this is Microsoft newest search engine and its search algorithm are now being used to power live, yahoo, Bing and other Microsoft sites. Bing call itself a’ Decision engine’.

It is suppose to help make decisions eiser by taking into account multiple items such as location and other words you specify in your search. thus if you type in the words ‘pizza Delhi’ its give you only relevant information.

Whats interesting is that Bing knows if you are referring to Delhi origin  where it  happen to be and show result  based on your IP and other information. As shown in figure 1.2.

bing search result page

Figure 1.2.

Notice that I did not specify any address or whether it was for Vasant kunj, Vasant vihar , or Munirka Delhi.  But the result not only gave me Delhi, origin pizza palaces, the mapped local business listing  at the top gave me results of pizza  business around my office only. ( “i am near vasant vihar”) It is absolutely how far search engines have come and how far their advance  algorithms work.

When you type in a string of words to get relevant results and then click search, the collection of pages you see with results are called search engines results pages. (SERP) the higher you business or entity is in the search results, the more traffic you can expect to generate from searchs on those keywords.

It has been proven that those in the tip 20 get the most clicks, as users typically do not go beyond page 2 of a search. The first three websites listed in a search, given that the description of the company or product is enticing enough, will land the most click visits. Your goal is get you website in this three. If your products of service makes a sale on an average of  one out of every 10 visitors, the more visits you get the more sales you will make.

In trying to get information on the Bing algorithm,  somewhere i read Microsoft spokesperson Carolyn Miller stated, “We have make numarious improvements to our algorithm, focusing on spelling, freshness of results and core ranking. Our algorithm is changing continuously to provide the best results. Although we have a six month release cycle for major updates, our algorithm is refined everyday to improve the relevance of our  results and to better address our user’s intent.”

To learn more about Bing’s search engines, you can watch a video at


Yahoo Gives Up, Turns search over to Bing.”  This new development puts Microsoft closer to being head to head with Google, who once had over 60 percent of the search engine market before Bing entered the race. Also worthy of note is the 100 million dollars that Microsoft is rumored to have spent on advertising Bing.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine essentially took over Yahoo search results and advertising using its new Decision Engine.

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