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This is the article that some of you will look at and what to cry. Probably because you spent tens of thousands of dollars on this All Flash based, super cool-looking website that will do nothing to get you better rankings and make your website seem more relevant to the search engines.

I often hear similar things from prospective customers when I tell them their old site won’t work: “What do you mean?  My site looks awesome! It’s all flashy and things move here and there. It’s awesome!”

Well, let me tell you a true story. Last night before I started working on this article I got call from a new client who is starting his own business doing Job consulting. He paid an out-of-state guy to design his and his business partner’s website.

Apparently there were disagreements on the design and layout; the site they came to a consensus on (below, in Figure 5.1) is one large picture. I don’t want to identify the site so I am only placing a little snippet of the site. There is some text underneath and above the picture.)

website screenshot


It’s a nice clean looking site with a spectacular picture on the first landing page. When I started discussing that he needed to have relevant readable text, RSS feeds, links, video, social media items and more to increase his rankings, he stated, “Do whatever you want but don’t change the look.”

Remember? I already explained that Google and other search engines can’t read pictures? Here is what Google sees of this website (Figure 5.2)

cache page of site

CachePage of the site (Figure:Figure 5.2)

That pretty picture on their website in Figure 5.1 is great, isn’t it? Not at all! Why? Because search engines cannot look at the text on pictures and index the information. They can’t look at the text on pictures and index the information. They can’t look at Flash or video either. Now here is the odd part. Having a little of each of those, including relevant text, pictures, videos and flash does increase the point ratio and  increase your website’s ranking on many of the major search engines.

So I am going to turn a company that approaches me away for not allowing its website to be changed to optimize it? No. I am going to consult with them and tell them how to make their website increase its ranking, which is what I am paid to do. Then I am going to take their money and spend it wisely. I am little expensive person and if someone pays me for advice I am going to give it to them. If they choose not to use my advice, which others find very valuable, I will have no problem taking their money. They got what they paid for.

Also, this is something new that never came up before until this week. If you pay an SEO company to optimize your site during a site a site redesign don’t  change the name of the page that are indexed with the search engines.  When a person does find you and the site file name have been changed, when they click on the link to your website, it won’t work. There is a process to doing this if you really want to do this. I will explain it here later on other post.


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