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Travel is vast sector. A travel website/portal deals in thousands of travel packages. There can be millions of pages in travel website portal. To manage these pages can seem hard but actually not. Big portals/website are usually made through Content Management System (CMS) and every page is dynamic. Because to develop static page for big dreamed travel website/portal is not possible at all. Usually we make 6-7  type of pages according to our website’s requirement and start calling content dynamically for every package and destination. While creating a travel website/portal, you should keep some points in your mind:•    You are going to make a travel website/portal to perform in travel industry for infinite time. That’s why design and structure should be very acceptable and compatible with all technologies.

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SEO Tips for Travel Business Website/Blog

•    To put title and Meta description in every page is not possible in big portal. So you will have to call all Title tags and Meta tags dynamically. Make its structures Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Do good keywords research before implementing any structure.

•    Website’s content can be called dynamically. You can use destination names, price range, tour type, and tour itinerary to generate diversified content.

•    If any tour package is stopped, please update your CMS and don’t let generate 404. You can redirect with 301 status on new relevant tour package.

•    URL of every tour package and travel destination should be written in SEO friendly format.

•    Website should be well categorized. Try to specify types of tour you are dealing with.

•    Don’t forget to use site search and yahoo and Google analytic code. It will help to analyze your users requirement.

•    On travel destination, you can provide option to post public reviews. and you should also provide user testimonials.

•    Pages of hotels, restaurants, resorts, destinations, accommodations should be categories. Such as Budget hotel, 2 star or three star hotels etc.

You need not to put extra efforts to get bigger web sites ranked. Just keep creating new packages and pages.


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