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A social media analyst is responsible for developing and maintaining a company’s presence on social media web sites. Some of the popular places where one has to maintain an organization’s online presence are Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, G+, Pintrest, Myspace, Digg and many more.   social media rush

A social media analyst is also responsible for maintaining company blogs. An analyst has to ensure that the company has a positive social media presence and to achieve the same one has to use techniques like search engine optimization.

But he/she has to ensure that he/she uses only white hat SEO Techniques and do not resort to black hat SEO or SMO techniques. It will do more harm than good. Excessive use of uncalled for techniques can lead to termination of you fan page and even website from Google search. Social media analyst has to use his creativity and marketing skills to stay connected with the customers and spread brand awareness. One of the most difficult job aspects of social media analyst is to get new people to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. This is because companies believe that followers on companies social media fan pages help the company in generating business and getting more clients. Many social media analyst often struggle to get new fans on board as well as to increase content reach. Besides that an analyst has to be well versed with the latest trends in social media and must know how to connect with the targeted groups through new as well as popular social media platforms. An analyst must stay updated with the latest social media tools.

Qualification – Social Media Analyst

A social media analyst needs to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations or business communications. However, companies prefer a candidate who has a few years of job experience and a proven track record. Beside that good command over the language is a must as an analyst needs to do a lots of content writing in the form of writing blogs, posting ads on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

in addition good knowledge of MS Excel, Power Point and MS Word is also required. Proficiency in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools will give and edge over others. Having a good knowledge of HTML/CSS, BlogSpot, WordPress and website administration will prove handy.i love working as SMO analyst

Salary – SMO Analyst

A fresher can expect a salary in the range of Rs.20k-25k and if you are really good at it then with in a year or so you can expect remuneration in the range of Rs. 100,000. After a certain time those who do cross the threshold can expect really impressive rewards.

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