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If you run a business and have a website, more than likely you know what Pay per Click is? This is a advertising service provided by Google Search Engine Services Provider where you can pay them in order to have your website listed faster to the top of the search results. You pay every time a person clicks on your website, which is displayed either on the right side of the screen or at the top of the search results, usually in a box that separate it from the rest of the organic search results. There is nothing in the wrong with using PPC to try to generate leads and ultimately sales. However, there is several negative points for PPC, especially if you are relying on this method alone to promote your website.

Stop Wasting Money for Paid Search Result (PPC) Pay per Click

One major disadvantage is that it can get very expensive with time. In order to see results, some businesses end up paying as much as rupees 10 to 40 for every single click, and they may pay out as much as several thousand rupees each and every month. It can be difficult to measure if the clicks are coming from real possible customers or from your competitors trying to harm your efforts. Some companies have paid out a lot of money and never start themselves showing up on the front page of Google. For those who paid Google enough in order to show up on the front page, some are dissatisfied with the real leads that result. online audience ignore the PPC search results often on the right side of the screen, and even the websites that appear at the top of the search results in the separate box. Why? Because they know that the businesses that are displayed here are paid for that position. They did not earn it because of being the best search result. Another disadvantage is that the moment you stop your PPC campaign, you disappear from the search results and you are back where you started from. Therefore, some companies that begin a costly PPC campaign soon feel fascinated because they know the moment they stop paying, their leads will disappear.

Get Start Sear Engine Optimization (SEO) Organic & Natural Search Result

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Organic SEO is the answer for you. What is “Organic SEO”? This is a method of optimizing your website’s search engine results rank NATURALLY; boost your website’s ranking and climbing to the top. It is the perfect complement to your PPC strategy. In fact, many companies who are trapped in the expensive PPC loop and are now dependent on that PPC campaign in order to receive any leads from their website have found that after they begin their Organic SEO strategy and start to naturally climb to the top of Google, they no longer need the PPC because their website now already appears on the front page of Google. So they are able to cut it off, saving thousands of dollars each month in advertising expenses. There are claims that more than 80% of the people on the Internet prefer to click on websites that appear in the organic search results rather than on the PPC results. So, actually, not only you save on long term advertising costs, but you will see an increase in results. Another huge advantage of Organic SEO is that, although you need to pay professional SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) in the beginning to boost your website to the top of the search results, the expense is much less than PPC. But even more importantly, after you finish paying for this service, you will continue to get the benefits for a long time. If your SEO was performed properly, then your website will not disappear from the top as soon as you finish paying for the SEO. Once you are there, you typically continue there for some time. Again, this is if the SEO Company/Freelancer you hired used the proper and technical SEO techniques.

We Make You Website Easy to Get Top of Google!

It’s clear, then, that you want your website to rank high in the search engine results page. You want to be at the top. The next question then is: how do you get there? Let Click Perfect help you with your Organic Search Engine Strategy today! Our team of experts specializes in Internet Marketing and SEO. Help your business to generate more leads and more phone calls the organic way. An Expert SEO will send your website to the front of the search engines and, most importantly, it will keep you there!

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