A sympathies alternative to like button soon on FB?

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Facebook is considering giving its users a less cheery alternative to the like option: a sympathies button. Many people come across a sad status update from a friend while browsing the popular social networking site—that they have been fired; they have had a death in the family; some unfortunate event or may be just a bad day.today i am feeling bad

They want show the person they care, but do not know him or her well enough to say anything that does not sound trite. Then they see that someone has – perhaps accidently – hit the like button. Now, maybe there is deeper Freudian slip there, but ask these Liker’s and they will say: “I was trying to show sympathy, but ‘like’ was my only option. There are many situation where ‘like’ is the antithesis, of the response people may be trying to convey when they are forced to respond with such limited options. A Facebook engineer has come up with a solution for such a situation: a ‘sympathies’ button, The Huffington post reported.

Here is how it could work: if a Facebook user were to tag his or her status with a negative emotion (from Facebook site’s list of feelings), the ‘sympathise’ button would automatically replace the ‘like’ button.Facebook-Sympathize-Button

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