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Beginning in 2010 Google’s algorithm has really taken a strong look at how well a website is designed and coded. So much so that if your website has a great number of broken links it is almost impossible to get ranked.

There is more deal breakers with Google as well such as are your pages too big over 180Kb? Is your website compatible with all the new browsers including IPod, I phone and Android browsers? How do you find out if you have problems?

Every client I take on gets a SEO Audit by an independent authority Reports provide the most comprehensive reports for the money, however, a less expensive report can be obtained from  I highly recommend that every website have a n audit initially after the design is completed and every year at a minimum. Standard Change and their report keep up. Secondly, if changes you make to the website create broken links or links change to outside websites, they can be affecting your search engine ranking and you will never know it!

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If you have ever got to and gotten a website report, you get a report only on your homepage and using dozen or SEO tests to give your website a grade. and test every page of your website and each of them do over 200 tests per page.  Testing everything from broken links, W3C compliance, browser compatibility, search ability, and much more. They both even spell check your entire website and deliver a huge report online.

Not only do they do a complete comprehensive website report on your entire website, but the report also identifies the line in the code on each page with an issue and instructions on how to correct every issue that the report identifies. For every issue the report identifies, if it is not fixed you lose those imaginary ranking points toward getting ranked well.

Every website I have personally ran with has been found to have over 200+  critical errors identified and many would have never ranked well because of the issues the report identified.


What is SEO Audit exactly?

An SEO Audit is just like a health checking process for your website. It looks the technical infrastructure of your website, such as coding, navigation, links and much more technical issue your website is struggling to get higher rank.


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