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My students & client ask me what tools I use for SEO and where I find good information about Search Engine Optimization.  I’ve compiled a list of answers to those questions over time, and i am  sharing them here with you.

Technical SEO/Webmaster Tools

Useful Firefox Add-ons for SEO & Webmaster:

Chrome Extensions Which Make Your SEO Easy:

Canonical Checker SEO Technical Tools

HTTP Status Code Checker Tool


SEO/Webmaster Learning Resources:

Learn more about SEO

Search Engine Guidelines & SEO-related protocols

Popular SEO Technology Blogs:

SEO & Search Marketing Conferences:

SEO Tech Geek Fun:


Experts Advice:

The Internet is full of free SEO resource, tools and free SEO advice read about reviews and what tops SEO professionals are saying about.

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Make sure you are clear on this: SEO is like wealth-building. It takes time to reach its full benefit. Any attempt to shortcut that by using “black hat” (aka malicious) SEO techniques that search engines think about to be either pagelevel or linklevel types of webspam will only result in penalties that will finally make your site unreachable in search. If you value the truth of your business’ domain name, don’t risk killing it and your online business existence by trying to unethical seo practice.

To make your site successful, do the following:

  • Learn what search engines expect to see (review their guidelines)
  • Learn what data you can provide on a page to help the search crawler understand what the page is about (aka metadata)
  • Create great, original, text-based content
  • Lastly, think in terms of making your site great for human users. SEO is merely an extension of that (although beware of putting text content in images, scripts or Flash, because search crawlers can’t reliably read that content, thus it will likely never be indexed).

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