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There are hundreds of other smaller search engines and directories, as well as major search engines for other countries. You never know when someone is going to use one of these smaller search engines; since you are competing with a lower number of sites, your chance are higher, that the smaller number of users will find your web site a greater percentage of the time.

You might have figured out that getting your site included in search engines and directories is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, research, and if you don’t follow all the direction to the letter, you risk the chance of being refused for listing on web sites.

There are submission web sites which use custom tools that are automated software programs and application that remember the repetitive information that must be provided in order to get your web site listed in hundred of search engine and directories.

Many submission tools try to scam web site owners by promising to submit their site to thousands of search engines and directories for one low fee. The problem with that claim is that most of those search engines are either nonexistent or mostly worthless to your site.

You absolutely need help in submitting your web site to the smaller search engines and directories as there are hundreds of them. It would take you months to add your site to every one of these sites on your own. However, for about $ 15.50 you can have a company that specializes in submitting web sites do it instantly.

We highly recommend the Submission Complete (as shown in Figure 1.1) at . It is the engine that we at Website SEO Professional‘s use as well as many other SEO companies. They are reputable and always get the job done right.



There are many packages that you can choose according to your budget. If you are doing your own search engine optimization, the bigger the package you get, less you have to do on your own.  In fact the high end packages actually help you decide your keywords, create your Meta tags, and scan your site of optimization problems. Most of the important work is done for you.


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