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You should focus on the results you want: more visitors, leads, and customers. Every decision you make should be focused on fulfilling those goals, keeping that in mind, you might spend a bit less time worrying about things that will improve your marketing results and keep visitors directed toward your goals.

There are countless ways a website design can negatively impact your results. In fact, I would say that more often than not, website design done without an SEO professional tend to have a negative impact on marketing results.

Another problems occurs when you attempt to implement too many strategies in your SEO, for one, you won’t be able to tell which of your strategies are successful and two, search engines don’t like it when you lose focus. Most major search engines like to see each of your website landing pages cantered around one topic.

Implementing one strategy at a time allows you to determine which strategies are working and which are not. SEO campaign is most successful when you concentrate on one effort at a time.

NOTE: One of the first things that attract a search engine’s attention is the actual design of your site. The Meta tags, links, navigational structure and relative content are all focused on a single topic.

If you have existing website you usually have a lot of material that has accumulated over time. These items help your prospects find your website and help you turn them into leads and customers.

WARNING: When you do a site redesign, make sure you use the same links and file names for your new site. If you don’t, the links that are on search engines will become useless. The proper way to change the site is to create the new pages with new file names. Use the Robots.txt file to tell search engines not to index the old links. In a few months you get rid of the old files as they will no longer show on the search engines.

The General rule is, the more content you have the more visitors you will have and the longer they will stay. This will in itself grow your business faster. A 100 page website will beat a 10 page website 90% of the time on search engine rankings. And a 500 page website is even better. If some of those web pages were written recently, that’s even better. But remember, always keep the focus of each page as close as you can to a single topic and optimize that page, Meta tags, Title, and keyword density to that topic.

A little known rule that helps add to your imaginary point standings with seach engine rankings is that the more often you update your content (while keeping it relevant to your website subject matter), the better.

NOTE: Blogging makes creating new and updated content easy.

You want design to attract new visitors and increase your conversion rate and the number for leads you get from your website. Over time you should constantly improve the effectiveness of your conversion tools, including your landing pages.

If you build a completely static website and have to go to web designer, every time you want to set up a new landing page or to change an existing page, you are limiting your ability to quickly experiment and improve on the design. You should have a website that lets you edit content and build landing pages without having to know website code unless you know HTML, PHP, or XML well.

One of the rules you should live by is that you should spend money on resources and relevant content that attracts and converts as well as optimizes your site. You should not overdo a design that limits you to only one type of code, such as websites that include Flash. The code should be dynamic and easy to change. Of course, sometime the easily changed part costs a little more upfront, but not at the end.

If you follow the rules set forth in the last paragraph, you should be able to create ongoing content with a building strategy. When you have more content, you can grow your website. This will help you increase your visitors and grow your business faster.

When you have finished your website, you should constantly have conversion experiments. The key is to driving your conversion rate and the number of leads you get from your website over time is to constantly improve the effectiveness of your website. Several sites can be used to test your website:

URL Trends ( – Has a useful tool for measuring the marketing effectiveness of your website.

Hubspot Internet Marketing Blog ( – Has articles about business strategies and inbounds internet marketing. This site also has internet marketing software that helps you get found by more prospects and generates more qualified leads and sales.


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